OHSU Faculty members who perform quantitative bioscience research.

Behavioral Neuroscience

William Rooney - Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging to characterize tissue structure and function


Biomedical Engineering

Catherine Galbraith - Combining super-resolution microscopy with cellular and molecular biology to study mechanobiology and predict cellular behaviors

Jim Galbraith - Advanced imaging and biophysics to visualize and model cellular decisions at the molecular level

Summer Gibbs - Development of fluorescence technologies for imaging studies

Joe Gray - Imaging based interpretation of the cancer genome

Andras Gruber - Modeling of thrombus propagation

Monica Hinds - Mechanical stimulation in tissue engineered vascular constructs

Steven Jacques - Development of diagnostic and therapeutic optical devices

Adam Margolin - Development of novel computational methods for predicting disease-related phenotypes from genomic data

Owen McCarty - Interplay between cell biology and fluid mechanics in the cardiovascular system

Xiaolin Nan - Super resolution microscopy in the study of cell signaling

Sandra Rugonyi - Development of computational models of the cardiovascular system

Tania Vu - Quantum dot based interrogation of biological systems

Wassana Yantasee - Development of nanoparticle therapies

Daniel Zuckerman - Physics-based computational methods to study molecular, meso- and cell-scale systems


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Michael Chapman- Structural analysis of biological molecules to understand mechanism

James Chen - Electron microscopy data analysis

Larry David - Mass Spectrometry analysis of proteins in the eye lens

David Farrens - Structure and function of G-protein coupled receptors

Ujwal Shinde - Mechanisms of protein mis-folding

Show-Ling Shyng - Biology of K-ATP channels


Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Kemal Sonmez - Alogorithms facilitating understanding of biological processes


Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology

Shannon McWeeney - Statistical and computational methodologies for functional genomics data


Molecular & Medical Genetics

Lucia Carbone - Evolution of genomes

Paul Spellman - Understanding cancer genomes for early detection and targeted therapy

Amanda Vinson - Inflammation as a cause of cardiovascular disease


Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

Eric Barklis - Mechanisms of viral replication and assembly

Klaus Frueh - host interactions that lead to viral speed


Physiology & Pharmacology

Kimberly Beatty - Chemical tools for molecular imaging of enzyme activity and pathogen detection

Michael Cohen - Regulation of cellular signaling by polymeric post-translational modification (PPTM) of proteins, such as glutamylation, ubiquitnation, and ADP-ribosylation

David Dawson - Structure and function of the CFTR chloride channel

Tom Scanlan - Tissue selectivity of endocrine modulators

Francis Valiyaveetil - Mechanisms of ionic selectivity and gating of potassium ion channels

Xiangshu Xiao - Interface of chemistry and biology by designing, synthesizing and characterizing biologically active small molecules as targeted cancer therapeutics


The Vollum Institute (Neuroscience)

Isabelle Baconguis - Atomic-resolution mechanisms of Na+-selective and voltage-independent ion channels

Peter Barr-Gillespie - Mass spectrometry based study of mechanotransduction by hair cells

Eric Gouaux - X-ray crystallographic analysis of receptors and synapses regulated by neurotransmitters

Matt Whorton - Detailed mechanisms of membrane protein function