Molecular & Medical Genetics

Courses and descriptions

MGEN 601      Research, credits TBA, any term

MGEN 603      Dissertation, credits TBA, any term


MGEN 605C   Cardiovascular Genetics/Developmental Journal Club

                               1 credit Fall, Winter, Spring

                               Course Director: McCarty

MGEN 605E    Departmental Journal Club

                              1 credit, Fall, Winter, Spring

                              Course Director: Moore

                              Faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students present current journal articles relevant to molecular and medical genetics. Students also present summaries of their own research.

MGEN 607A   Departmental Seminar Series

                              1 credit, Fall, Winter, Spring

                              Course Director: Hayflick
                              Seminars presented by students, faculty, and visiting speakers on contemporary issues.

MGEN 609      Clinical Experience in Medical Genetics

                                2 credits,Term TBD

                               Course Director: Kovak

                               Introduction to genetic counseling techniques and exposure to various genetic clinical settings.

MGEN 610      Essentials of Molecular and Medical Genetics

                               2 credits, Spring

                               Course Director: Vinson

                               Introduction to the field of Molecular and Medical Genetics. Discussions are led by senior graduate students with support from faculty mentors in a round table forum.

MGEN 611      Departmental Grand Rounds,

                              1 credit, Fall, Winter, Spring

                              Course Director: Zozana & Moore

                              Examines the clinical and molecular aspects of human genetic disorders. Weekly one hour presentations are given by the faculty, staff and residents of the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics, as well as other clinical departments in the School of Medicine.

MGEN 615     Cytogenics Laboratory

                             Credits TBD, Term TBD

                             Course Director: Olson

                             Advanced training in traditional and molecular cytogenetics technology for students with previous experience

MGEN 620     Interviewing and Counseling Techniques for Genetic Counseling

                             1 credit, Winte

                             Course Director: Kovak

                             Covers theoretical and practical aspects of the genetic counseling, psychological aspects of genetic disorders in individuals and families, and the responsibilities and limitations of genetic counselors.

MGEN 622    Eukaryotic Genetics

                  3 credits, Fall
                Course Director: Richards
                A team of faculty  experts discusses topics including chromosomal basis of inheritance, mechanisms of mutation, epigenetics, DNA repair, oncogenes an tumor repressors, cell cycle, yeast genetics, somatic cell genetics, population genetics, mouse model systems, immunogenetics, biomedicalinformatics,and     human genome variation. Format is reading and conference style.Mouse Astrocyte Growing in Culture

MGEN 623    Mechanisms of Disease

                            3 credits, Spring

                            Course Director:  Richards

 A team of faculty experts discusses topics including chromosomal basis of disease, cancer genetics, disorders of energy metabolism, amino acid disorders, blood coagulation disorders, congenital heart defects, disorders of extracellular matrix, platelet disorders, endocrine disorders, and                                              stem cells/gene therapy.  Format is reading and conference style.


MGEN 624    Gene and Cell Therapy

                            2 credits

                            Course Director: Nakai and Harding

                            The course presents an introductory overview of various gene delivery systems and cell-based approaches; advancs in DNA/RNA/peptide  delivery, cellular genome engineering and understanding the biology of cells as therapeutics.


Molecular & Medical Genetics Student Handbook/Guidelines