PMCB faculty comprise of a diverse group of researchers ranging from up-and-coming junior scientists to established figures at the top of their game. We foster a collaborative atmosphere and partner with nearby institutions such as the Oregon National Primate Research Center (see more below) to bring in faculty with an incredible depth of research initiatives. Whether opening new fields in cellular metabolism or guiding federal policy on cancer research, PMCB faculty remain highly involved with teaching and mentorship.

Search for FacultyDrs. Cohen, Cambronne and Goodman collaborated across disciplines (and with PMCB students) to develop a groundbreaking NAD+ biosensor

To be eligible for lab rotations and to mentor graduate students, faculty must be appointed to PMCB by the Graduate Council. 

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Faculty by Academic Program

For a list of all faculty in each academic program, click the links  below. Many faculty have more than one academic appointment, and so may appear on more than one page. Please note that not all faculty on these lists have appointments in PMCB.


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Cancer Biology

Cell & Developmental Biology

Molecular & Medical Genetics

Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

Physiology & Pharmacology

Quantitative Biosciences