Suzanne Fei, Ph.D.

Suzi Fei

As an undergraduate, Suzi double majored in Computer Science and Biochemistry/Biophysics, hoping to find a career that would allow her to combine her fascination of the living cell with her enjoyment of computer programming.  She worked for four years as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of Stephen Giovannoni and ultimately completed her honors thesis on the phylogenetic comparison of mitochondria and marine bacteria.  For her PhD, she received a pre-doctoral fellowship in Biomedical Informatics at OHSU.  During that time, she also completed a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics at Portland State University.  After completing research projects in proteomics and behavioral genetics, she applied for and received a pilot grant to fund her dissertation work that straddled these fields.  She used quantitative proteomics to find proteins that differed between the brains of mice who choose to drink a lot of alcohol versus others who drink very little.  She developed and evaluated methods to analyze the data, and she compared the results with corresponding microarray and RNA-seq datasets.  

For her postdoc, Suzi joined Paul Spellman's lab in Molecular and Medical Genetics.  She participates in The Cancer Genome Atlas kidney cancer analysis working groups, and she is overseeing a project to sequence multiple tumors from VHL-disease patients with familial kidney cancer.  She is particularly interested in applying gene network-informed approaches for determining which mutations drive the development of cancer.            

Selected Publications

S.S. Fei, P.A. Wilmarth, R.J. Hitzemann, S.K. McWeeney, J.K. Belknap, L.L. David (July, 2011). "Protein Database and Quantitative Analysis Considerations when Integrating Genetics and Proteomics to Compare Mouse Strains." J Proteome Res 10(7):2905-12   

G.E. Kisby, M. Standley, T. Park, A. Olivas, S. Fei, T. Jacob, A. Reddy, X. Lu, P. Pattee, S.R. Nagalla (October, 2006). "Proteomic analysis of the genotoxicant methylazoxymethanol (MAM)-induced changes in the developing cerebellum." J Proteome Res 5(10): 2656-65.         

M. Kulesz-Martin, J. Lagowski., S. Fei, C. Pelz, R. Sears, M.B. Powell, R. Halaban, J. Johnson (November, 2005). "Melanocyte and keratinocyte carcinogenesis: p53 family protein activities and intersecting mRNA expression profiles." J Investig Dermatol Symp Proc 10(2): 142-52.