Jared Fischer, Ph.D.

Jared Fischer PostDoc

Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Mail Code: L103
Portland, OR 97239


Dr. Fischer received a BS in Zoology and a BA inChemistry from the Miami (OH) University in 2003 and his PhD from theUniversity of Cincinnati in 2008. The title of his thesis was "MouseModels of Mutation in vivo." He was an Albert J Ryan Fellow at theUniversity of Cincinnati. He is currently a postdoc in the department ofMolecular and Medical Genetics in Mike Liskay's laboratory. He was awardeda K99/R00 Transition to Independence Award from the National Cancer Instituteand prior to that, a postdoctoral fellowship from the American CancerSociety. His current work involves studying colon cancer and intestinalstem cell dynamics with a mouse model that allows for the genetic manipulationof many different genes in single, isolated cells. More information can be found HERE at his website.

Selected Publications

 Fischer JM, Calabrese PP, Miller AJ, Muñoz NM, Grady WM, Shibata D, LiskayRM. Intestinalstem cell competition analyses reveal a role for TgfβR2 in clonal dynamics and differentiation. 2015. Under review at Cell Reports.

Fischer JM, Dudley S, Miller AJ, Liskay RM. 2015. An intact Pms2 ATPasedomain is not essential for male fertility. DNA Repair. Epub 2015 Dec 27.

Fischer JM, Schepers AG, Clevers H,Shibata D, Liskay RM. 2014. Occult progression by Apc-deficient cypts as atarget for chemoprevention. Carcinogenesis. Jan;35(1): 237-46. Epub 2013 Aug 29.

Fischer JM, Miller AJ, Shibata D, LiskayRM. 2012. Different phenotypic consequences of simultaneous versusstepwise Apc loss. Oncogene. Apr. 19;31(16) 2028-38. Epub 2011 Sep 5.