OHSU IEH Student Graduates

How to Graduate

One term prior to completing your degree requirements, you should begin to plan for graduation. Start by contacting your Academic Coordinator to indicate you intend to complete your degree that quarter. All transfer credits, substitutions and waivers must be approved and documented through your division.

If you have used a loan to help finance your education at OHSU, federal regulations require that you complete exit counseling when you graduate. Exit counseling is conducted by the Student Loan Department of Central Financial Services. For information call: 503 494-7314.

By the end of your graduation term please return your ID card, keys, equipment, lab materials and library books and make sure that payment of tuition and fees is current. OHSU transcripts and diplomas are withheld if these obligations are not met.

Below are the steps necessary to apply for your degree.

Certificate students are required to complete step 1 only. For questions about this process, contact your Academic Coordinator or the West Campus Registrar's office at or 503 748-1382.

All steps apply to M.S. and Ph.D. candidates unless specifically noted. For questions about this process, contact your Academic Coordinator or the West Campus Registrar's office at or 503 748-1382.


1. Application for Degree form

One term prior to completing degree requirements please submit the Application for Degree form to the Registrar's office at the location listed at the top of the form. You may fax the form. It is your responsibility to ensure this form has been submitted.


2. Submit Thesis/Dissertation to the Library

If you are completing a thesis/dissertation degree, go to the OHSU library thesis/dissertation web page and follow the guidelines found in the Preparation/Guidelines for the School of Medicine. Frequently asked questions about Thesis Processing also provides helpful information.

Within 6 months of successfully defending your thesis/dissertation, you must finish all corrections to your written thesis/dissertation and receive final approval from your committee. Following your committee's approval, your thesis/dissertation must be submitted to the OHSU or West Campus Library. A minimum of one hard copy and one electronic PDF copy must be submitted.

The original Binding Receipt form, with library signature, must be submitted to the School of Medicine Graduate Studies Office:
School of Medicine Graduate Studies Office
Intercampus Mail code: L102GS
or mail to:
School of Medicine Graduate Studies Office
Oregon Health & Science University
Mail code L102GS
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239-3098


3. Exit Contact Information form for School of Medicine

A photograph is requested which will be used in a class composite picture of all School of Medicine graduates for the year or you may opt out of this request. If you are submitting a photograph it should be a quality portrait head shot. You may provide your own photo, e-mailed to School of Medicine, or have your photo taken by OHSU's Photography &Graphic Design. There is a charge for this service. To use Photography &Graphic Design, complete the Exit Photo form and make an appointment by calling 503-494-8040. Fax a copy of the receipt to the School of Medicine Graduate Studies office at 503 494-3400. If you choose to opt out please email School of Medicine. In the subject line note "Class Photo Opt-Out" and state in the body of the email that you do not wish your photo included.


4. Survey of Earned Doctorates

Only Ph.D. students complete the online Survey of Earned Doctorates.