Gender, Power and Transformation

Cultivating Personal Practice For The New Healthcare Culture

Hilary Bradbury-Huang, PhD
Bret Lyman, PhD, RN, CNE


You can participate in this weekly seminar face-to-face or online. Participants may select to get degree credit or not.

Course dates: Tuesdays, October 1-December 17, 2013 ~ 4:30-7:30pm

  • Non-degree: $500/credit
  • Degree seeking: $550/credit

Select between two workload options:
MGT 506A: Class participation and weekly reflection/feedback (2 credits)
MGT 506B: As above, plus coaching around a workplace experiment (4 credits)

Consider the nurse who hesitates to fully engage in empowered leadership behavior (e.g., questioning a written order for medication) because doing so challenges historically held gendered hierarchies in healthcare. Or The front-line employee, with an amazing idea, who never shares it because they are resigned to not being heard. Everyone suffers here! But why? Does it have to be this way?

  • To build capacity as change agents for a better organizational culture in healthcare, we will read, interact with guest speaker Senior Nurse leaders, practice with insights, and engage in personal coaching.
    Our readings will sample many disciplines on gender/power, sociology, organizational psychology, psychoanalysis, economics, anthropology, history of nursing, etc.

  • Through examination of our personal theory-in-action, along with opportunities for giving and receiving coaching, course participants will gain practical skills for transforming and enhancing everyday interactions.

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Registration Steps:
  • Contact or to help determine which workload works best for you.
  • To register for the degree program, please log into ISIS (opens August 19).
  • To register as a non-degree student, please follow these directions.

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