How to Graduate

The paperwork:

Two terms before your graduate, complete your Application for Degree and Exit form.
  1. In SIS, complete your Application for Degree. Instructions here.
  2. Download, complete, and submit your Exit Contact & Information Form to or fax it to 503-346-0376.

When to submit the forms:

Ideally submit the forms two terms in advance of your graduation (e.g., if you plan to be complete in Spring, submit at the beginning of Winter Term). You will definitely need to have these submitted within the first week of your final term.

Commencement activities:

The Commencement Ceremony for 2016 will be held Sunday June 4, 2017. Please check the website for School of Medicine's Office of Graduate Studies (fondly referred to as somgrad) for information about regalia ordering deadlines and more (e.g., when and where to show up for commencement).

Please note that commencement activities are often several weeks in advance of the end of the term. We trust that as professionals you will see your educational activities through to the end of the term.

Commencement reception:

The Division of Management will host a reception each Spring. The 2017 commencement reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 10. You will receive additional information in April about this event.

Diplomas & Transcripts:

Diplomas and Certificates are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper and mailed several weeks after the end of the term. If you move after your final term, please contact the Registrar's Office to notify them of your new mailing address. You can request an official transcript (or multiples) now and request that they process it after your degree is posted. It is a good idea to have a few on file, preferably official ones (in sealed envelopes).

Exit Interviews for Financial Aid:

If you used financial aid during your time here, please contact their offices for more information.


If you received a scholarship during your time in the program, it is good etiquette to write a thank you note to the sponsor of the scholarship. Sponsors love receiving these, and it helps to continue the good will for future students.