Webinar Series

Lunch & Learn Webinar Series 2018-2019

Throughout the year the Division of Management offers "lunch & learn" webinars. These bite-sized, 30-minute webinars offer concrete strategies and tactics to continue your professional and career development. Whether you are beginning your job search, want to learn how to be a better leader, or are interested in current topics in healthcare management and leadership, grab your lunch and join us online. We also have a handful of sessions designed specifically for prospective and incoming students.

Below is a list of offerings with brief descriptions. View under each session description to register for upcoming webinar sessions on each topic. 


Envisioning your Future

Envisioning Your Future Webinar Promo Image

This webinar explores ways to create a vision for your future, test ideas, identify impediments to growth, and develop adaptability. This foundational topic sets the stage for many other webinars in this series, including Goal Setting and Time Management.

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Goal Setting

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Once we have a vision for our future, how do we set achievable goals to get there? Whether personal or professional goals, individual or with a team, this webinar offers tools and tricks to move forward and stay nimble.

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Time Management

Time Management Webinar Promo Image

There's a finite amount of time. How can we make the most of it? How can we focus not only on managing time but energy, timing, and type of work? Looking holistically at our lives, this session focuses on techniques to make the most of the 24 hours we have each day.

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Developing a Reflective Practice

Developing a Reflective Practice Webinar Promo Image

Our world moves fast. Sometimes it feels like it's faster every day. How did we end up in our current place? Where are we going? What have we learned? Developing a reflective practice can help us engage with our world more intentionally and provide perspective about our own growth and future growth areas.

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Strategically Saying “Yes”

Strategically Saying Yes Webinar Promo Image

Saying "yes" to new opportunities can open a variety of doors and windows, but what happens when you've said "yes" one too many times? Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and burnt out by learning how to strategically say "yes" to those opportunities that will help you develop, without feeling obligated to say "yes" to everything and everyone.

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Balancing our Inner Leader & Manager

Balancing Inner Manager & Leader Webinar Promo Image

How can we develop in a way that balances both the manager and the leader perspectives? In this webinar we offer ideas for individuals who are looking to move into management, current managers wanting to continue their development, and those who are thinking about succession planning.

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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Webinar Promo Image

Should I memorize my presentation or read off of note cards? How big should the font on my PowerPoint be? How do I make my presentation flow better? Wanting to be a proficient public presenter means thinking about all aspects of your presentation. Join us to learn tips and tools for developing and giving presentations.

Developing Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding Webinar Promo Image

Branding isn't just for organizations. Every day through our in-person and online engagements we are developing our brand and story. Developing a strong personal brand can help you to land new jobs, build your current business, and seek out new opportunities. So, what is your brand saying about you?

Next Session on Nov. 7, 2018



Professional Networking

Professional Networking Webinar Promo Image

How do you engage when you first meet a new person? How do you maintain or end a professional relationship? How do you follow-up with a new professional contact?Join us to learn more about how to use networking to build and cultivate strong professional relationships.

Next Session on Nov. 14, 2018


Prospective and incoming students are welcome to attend any of our webinars. Here are a few designed specifically with you in mind!

Making the Most of Graduate School

Making the Most of School Webinar Promo Image

You've made the decision to attend graduate school. It may have been quite a while since you were last a student, and your needs and opportunities are different. In this webinar we explore how professional students can best engage with their graduate school experience to achieve their goals at work, home, and school.

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Creatively Funding your Education

Funding Education Webinar Promo Image

What are the funding options for graduate school? What about other benefits and opportunities? How does one ask for support? We discuss an overview of options and strategies for asking for funding and other non-financial benefits while in graduate school.

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Can I do this? Balancing Home, Work, and School

Balancing school and life webinar promo image

Making the decision to attend graduate school while being a full-time professional is not an easy decision. Learn from current students and alumni about how they balance work, home, and school.