Typical Timeline

Year 1

Fall Winter
Analyzing Sequences
Speech Signal Processing
Machine Learning




Statistics Natural Language Processing
Automatic Speech Recognition
Automata and Formal Languages1
Artificial Intelligence1
Information Retrieval1
Data Science Programming
Faculty Research2

Year 2

Fall Winter
Image Processing1
Cluster Computing1
Linguistics1 Dialogue1
Capstone4 Capstone4

Courses in bold are required by the Program. If students have a comparable course they can be waived out of this requirement.

To increase breadth in Computer Science, students can take a limited number of courses from another institution, such as Portland State University.


Footnote 1: These courses will vary from year to year.
Footnote 2: These are 1 credit courses.
Footnote 3: If Statistics is not offered during a student's first year, and they have no statistics background they can take CONJ 633 in Winter Term.
Footnote 4: Students in the non-thesis option must do a capstone, which can be for 3 or 6 credits.
Footnote 5: During summer between 1st and 2nd year, students are encouraged to arrange an internship.