Master's Program: Applicants should have a bachelors degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or related field. We accept students from other backgrounds (especially linguistics), who have some combination of the following courses (undergraduate or graduate level):
  • Computer science (programming, data structures: typically the 1st and 2nd year CS major undergraduate courses)
  • Math (calculus, discrete math, linear algebra)
  • Probability and statistics
Ph.D. Program: Applicants, in addition to the requirements for the MS program, students should have a relevant master's degree and some research experience.

Application Deadlines

Full-time Master's Program: Full-time master's students are primarily admitted for the Fall term. Early admission decisions will be made at the end of December, January, and February on completed applications. 

We have structured our program with the assumption that students start in the Fall, both in terms of sequencing the courses, and so that students have a full academic year of classes before the summer term, to better prepare them for a paid internship. Under special circumstances, students can be admitted for the Winter or Spring term.

Part-time Master's Program: Part-time masters students can start in any term but must apply at least 3 months before the term they want to start.

Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. applicants are encouraged to apply by February 15th for the Fall term. Under special circumstances, applications will be considered year-round. 

Advanced Placement

Students can take classes without being admitted to the program. After students have taken 4 courses and received at least a B in each of them, they may apply for advanced placement. In this option students do not need the GRE and only need two letters of recommendation. These letters may be from the professors from which they have taken the 4 courses.

For further information on admissions

Please visit the website of the OHSU Graduate Studies Admissions Office.