Dr. CoussensThe overarching mission of the OHSU Department of Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology is to advance the understanding of problems relevant to human health and disease. To accomplish this mission, research groups in the department have historically focused on questions regarding cell structure, organelles, life cycle, differentiation, and regulated communication between cells and extracellular signals and cues. An ultimate application of knowledge gained from these studies has been to understand important cell physiologic processes that effect human biology. These issues directly link to problems of interest to developmental biologists, including molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating tissue morphogenesis, tissue polarity and patterning. Read more

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News and Recognitions

Congratulations to Sudarshan Anand on his NHLB award for A microRNA-target Network in Endothelial DNA Damage and Angiogenesis and a second NHLB award for MicroRNA regulation of endothelial DNA repair to enhance anti-tumor immunity

Congratulations to Mara Sherman for her NCI award for Identifying and Targeting Metabolic Dependencies in the Pancreatic Tumor

Congratulations to Amy Moran and Julie Graff, awarded $1 million by the Prostate Cancer Foundation to study the effect of intestinal microbiota on responsiveness to prostate cancer immunotherapy treatments. Read more on the O2 blog, Knight News.

Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., recipient of the AACR Princess Takamatsu Memorial Lectureship award. Dr. Coussens's award lecture is "Modulating Immune Response: Lessons Learned from Mouse Models of Cancer Development." Read more at OHSU News and at AACR. See the interview with Dr. Coussens at AACR's Annual Meeting, here.

Amanda Lund, Ph.D., awarded the V Foundation for Cancer Research Award for her project, "Lymphatic Vessel, PD-L1 and Anti-Tumor Immunity."

Nick Smith, Ph.D., Wong Lab, awarded the Nicholas L. Tartar Research Fellowship for his proposal, “Activation of Tumor Immune Cells by CD166 over-expressing Cancer Cells."

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