Program Requirements

Cell & Developmental Biology Ph.D. Requirements for Degree 

Year 1 PMCB Requirements.  CDB students must fulfill PMCB requirements including successful completion of the required conjoint courses with a grade of “B” or better and pass the PMCB comprehensive and qualifying exams.

Year 2+
Cell 601 research (registration used until advancement to candidacy)
Cell 603 Dissertation (after advancement to candidacy)
Cell 607A CDB Departmental Seminar (required all terms except summer)


Journal club courses.  Students must successfully complete at least 2 terms of basic science journal club courses (BCMB 606, BEHN 606, CANB606, CELL 606, MGEN 606, MBIM 606, NEUS 606 or PHPH 606).


Elective courses.  Students must successfully complete at least 3 elective graduate courses offered by CDB or other basic science programs for a total of at least 6 credits.  Basic science Ph.D. level graduate courses (600 level courses in BCMB, BEHN, CANB, CELL, MGEN, MBIM, NEUS and PHPH) will satisfy this requirement with the exception of 601 (Research), 603 (Dissertation), 605 (Reading and conference) and 607 (Seminar) courses.

All requirements (PMCB, journal clubs and electives) must be satisfied before advancement to candidacy.

See the CDB graduate program guidelines, approved September 2012 with minor revisions in 2016.

See the Guidelines for the Qualifying Examination in CDB.

If you have any questions about the graduate program, please contact the  or the