Research Staff

OCSSB researchers include staff scientists, research assistants and associates, and postdoctoral scholars. All belong to an OCSSB prinicipal investigator's lab group, or one of the following: the SMMART program, the Multiscale Microscopy Core (MMC), or the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (PNCC) (a joint collaboration between the OCSSB and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory). 

Other scientists with leadership roles may be listed under OCSSB Faculty, including those who are professors (of any level) or program directors or assistant program directors. Other scientists who work on OCSSB research projects, and are thereby affiliated with OCSSB as collaborators, may not be listed below.

Headshot of Connor Barth
Connor Barth
Research Scientist, Gibbs Lab
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AeSoon Bensen
Senior Research Assistant, Gray Lab
Headshot of Elmar Bucher
Elmar Bucher
Research Associate, Heiser Lab
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Lydia Grace Campbell
Research Assistant II, Gray Lab
Headshot of Jeremy Copperman
Jeremy Copperman
Postdoctoral Scholar, Zuckerman Lab
Headshot of Mark Dane
Mark Dane
Senior Research Associate, Heiser Lab
Headshot of Daniel Derrick
Daniel Derrick
Senior Research Assistant, Heiser Lab
Headshot of Kaylyn Devlin
Kaylyn Devlin
Research Associate, Korkola Lab
Headshot of Drew Gingerich
Drew Gingerich
Research Technician, MMC and PNCC
Headshot of Mehmet Gonen
Mehmet Gonen
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, CompBio

Faculty Profile
Headshot of Sean Gross
Sean Gross
Assistant Staff Scientist, Heiser Lab
Headshot of Reuben Hoffman
Reuben Hoffman
Postdoctoral Scholar, Korkola Lab
Headshot of Zhi Hu
Zhi Hu
Senior Research Associate, Heiser Lab
Headshot of Ge Huang
Ge Huang
Senior Research Associate, Gray Lab
Headshot of Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson
Scientific Program Manager, SMMART
Headshot of Jocelyn Jones
Jocelyn Jones
Senior Research Assistant, Gibbs Lab
Headshot of Jamie Keck
Jamie Keck
Senior Research Associate, SMMART
Headshot of Douglas Keene
Douglas Keene
Adjunct Assistant Professor, MMG

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David Kilburn
Research Assistant II, Gray Lab
Headshot of Annette Kolodzie
Annette Kolodzie, J.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Manager, SMMART

Headshot of Jesse Korber
Jesse Korber, M.S.
Senior Research Assistant, Gibbs Lab

Headshot of Tiera Liby
Tiera Liby
Research Associate, Gray Lab