All OCSSB students are formally enrolled in graduate programs of OHSU departments rather than the OCSSB itself, as the OCSSB is a collaborative research center without its own graduate program. Departments and programs to which our students belong include: Department of Biomedical Engineering, including Computational Biology, and the Program in Molecular & Cellular Biosciences, which is an umbrella program for seven different academic programs at OHSU.

Headshot of Erik Burlingame
Erik Burlingame
Chang Lab
Headshot of Nicholas Calistri
Nicholas Calistri
Heiser Lab
Headshot of Julia Doh
Julia Doh
Beatty Lab
Headshot of Jennifer Eng
Jennifer (Jenny) Eng
Gibbs Lab
Headshot of August George
August George
Zuckerman Lab
Headshot of Tina Ghodsi
Tina Ghodsi
Chang Lab
Headshot of Elliot Gray
Elliot Gray
Chang Lab