Biophysics Club

The Portland-area Biophysics Club features two half-hour talks per monthly session from local speakers on a range of biophysics topics. Although the club meets at OHSU, all local scientific organizations are welcome. The sessions provide a great opportunity to advertise and get feedback on new work, as well as for junior lab members to speak. For the club, 'biophysics' is defined inclusively - experiment and computation, molecular and cell-scale studies (and beyond) - so please join us.

Schedule for 2018-19: All sessions are Tuesday from 4:15-5:30pm in CHH 3rd floor conference ctr

Oct 9 - Sean Maden (Nellore group), Dan Zuckerman
Nov 27 - Aurelien Laguerre (Schultz group), Kimberly Beatty
Jan 22 - John Shelley (Schrodinger), Yerim Lee (Nan group)
Feb 12 - Joe Armstrong (Woods group), Bill Rooney
Mar 19 - Marina Guenza (U of O Chemistry Dept; special session)
Apr 16 - Johnny Powell (Reed), Min Woo Sung (Shyng group)
May 14 - Bassam Haddad (Reichow group), Shivani Ahuja (Whorton group)

Meetings will be held in the CHH (Center for Health and Healing) - one of the third-floor conference rooms (3070 or 3071). There will be two ~30 minute talks at each session.

Coffee and pastries will be served!!

For further information on the Biophysics Club, to be added to the email list, or to inquire about speaking, please contact

Meeting Schedule Archive:


Schedule for 2017-18: All sessions are Monday from 3:30-4:45pm
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Oct 16 CHH - James Chen and Peter Barr-Gillespie
Nov 13 MAC - Janette Myers (Reichow group/PSU) and Charlie Springer
Dec 11 CHH - Drake Mitchell (PSU) and Ashwani Narayana (OSU/Sahay group)
Jan 22 MAC - Owen McCarty and Kim Matulef (Valiyaveetil group)
Feb 12 CHH - Shivani Ahuja (Whorton group) and John Shelley (Schrodinger)
Mar 12 MAC - Johnny Powell (Reed) and Nancy Meyer (Chapman group)
Apr 16 CHH - Galbraith lab and Elliot Gray (Young Hwan Chang group)
May 21 MAC - Katherine Courchaine (Rugonyi group) and Shyng group

CHH = Center for Health and Healing, 3rd floor conference center, Room 1A
MAC = Mackenzie Hall, Room 3198