View from CHH 13th floor.  Courtesy Charissa Yang (c) 2012.
View from the Center for Health and Healing (CHH) 13th floor.

Dr. Yantasee has co-developed a Nanomedicine Course, served as a guest lecturer, or helped teach the courses listed below.  For more information about taking classes as a student at OHSU, you may wish to review the Student Links pages of the Biomedical Engineering website, or access the OHSU Searchable Schedule.

Biocompatibility: Host-Implant Interactions

BME 645 / CRN 11573
Offered: Fall 2013

Topics in Nanomedicine

BME 590 / CRN 32105
Offered: Spring 2011

Topics in Nanomedicine

BME 690 / CRN 32106
Offered: Spring 2011

Advanced Topics in Cancer

CELL 616 / CRN 30767
Offered: Spring 2012

Cancer Biology

CANB 616 / CRN 31827
Offered: Spring 2012

Biomedical Engineering Seminar

BME 607 / CRN 32177
Offered: All terms 2011-2012

Grant Writing & Qual Exam Prep

PHPH 607 / CRN 30875
Offered: Spring 2012