Predoctoral Individual Research Training Grants

Once a graduate student's position has been established in a specific laboratory, they are encouraged to write their own individual training grant application, focused on their individual research interests.  

Our trainees have been highly successful at obtaining these grant awards from a number of NIH institutes as demonstrated below:

Alarcón, Gabriela (mentor: Bonnie Nagel, 2016 PhD graduate)
F31AA023866: Interactions of self-referential processing and cognitive control in adolescence

Allen, Daicia (Mentor: Kathleen A. Grant, 2018 PhD graduate)
F31AA024660: Analysis of the nucleus accumbens in ethanol's discriminative stimulus effects

Anacker, Allison (mentor: Andrey Ryabinin, 2012 PhD graduate)
F31AA020136: Socially-facilitated excessive alcohol drinking in a novel prairie vole model

Bachtell, Ryan (mentor: Andrey Ryabinin, 2003 PhD graduate)
F31AA013223: Characterizing the Edinger-Westphal response to alcohol

Barkley-Levenson, Amanda (mentor: John Crabbe, 2015 PhD graduate)
F31AA022009: The role of neuropeptide Y in binge-like drinking in mice

Bechtholt, Anita (mentor: Chris Cunningham, 2004 PhD graduate)
F31AA013796: Opioid influences on ethanol reward and aversion

Beckley, Ethan (mentor: Deb Finn, 2010 PhD graduate)
F31MH081560: Neuroanatomical and behavioral correlates of progesterone withdrawal

Berlow, Yosef (mentor: Bill Rooney, 2017 MD/PhD graduate)
F30DA033094: MRI assessment of brain iron content as a biomarker of methamphetamine toxicity

Bernardi, Rick (mentor: Paul Berger & Matthew Lattal, 2010 PhD graduate)
F31DA022844: Amygdala D1 receptor modulation of cocaine-mediated memories

Boehm, Stephen L (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2002 PhD graduate)
F31AA005577: GABAB modulation of ethanol-induced locomotion

Buckman, Jennifer (mentor: Charles Meshul, 1998 PhD graduate)
F31AA005507: Glutamate uptake in selectively bred mice

Chester, Julia (mentor: Chris Cunningham, 1998 PhD graduate)
F31AA05489: GABA receptors in ethanol place preference and aversion

Cservenka, Anita (mentor: Bonnie Nagel, 2013 PhD graduate)
F31AA021027: Emotional processing and brain activity in youth at high risk for alcoholism

Dobbs, Lauren (Mentor: Chris Cunningham, 2012 PhD graduate)
F31DA027295: Role of mesopontine cholinergic afferents in methamphetamine reward

Dufour, Brett (Mentor: Jodi McBride, 2018 PhD graduate)
F31NS092281: HPA-axis dysfunction in Huntington's disease

Fonareva (Chamine), Irina (Mentor:  Barry Oken, 2013 PhD graduate)
F31AT006647: Physiologic and expectancy effects of stress-reducing aroma in older adults

Giardino, William (Mentor: Andrey Ryabinin, 2014 PhD graduate)
F31 AA021023: Edinger-Westphal urocortin-1 involvement in binge ethanol intake and reward 

Goeke, Calla (Mentor: Marina Guizzetti)
F31AA024950: The impact of ethanol on neuritogenesis and the hypothesized involvement of sulfates and sulfatases

Gremel, Christina (mentor: Chris Cunningham, 2008 PhD graduate)
F31AA016041: Dopamine involvement in the rewarding properties of ethanol

Griesar, William (mentor: Barry Oken, 2001 PhD graduate)
F31DA005903: Nicotine and attention - behavior and electrophysiology

Groblewski, Peter (mentor: Chris Cunningham, 2011 PhD graduate)
F31AA018052: The neurobiology of cue-induced relapse to ethanol-seeking behavior in mice

Gubner, Noah (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2014 PhD graduate)
F31AA020732: Effects of nicotine and varenicline on ethanol behaviors

Hammond, Rebecca (mentor: Robert Stackman, 2008 PhD graduate)
F31MH070124: SK channel modulation of hippocampal function

Hansen, Stephen (mentor: Gregory Mark, 2008 PhD graduate)
F31DA019730: Nicotinic cholinergic receptors and cocaine reward

Herting, Megan (mentor: Bonnie Nagel, 2012 PhD graduate)
F31AA019866: Exercise and hippocampal structure and function in adolescents

Helms, Christa (mentor: Suzanne Mitchell, 2007 PhD graduate)
F31MH070219: Areas of amygdala and frontal cortex in outcome learning

Holstein, Sarah (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2008 PhD graduate)
F31AA016031: Role of GABA in the locomotor effects of ethanol

Hood, Heather (mentor: Kari Buck, 2003 PhD graduate)
F31AA005599: GABAA receptor gamma2 subunit - acute ethanol withdrawal

Kamens, Helen (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2008 PhD graduate)
F31AA015822: Cholinergic modulation of ethanol-induced stimulation

Kaplan, Joshua (mentor: David Rossi, 2015 PhD graduate)
F31AA022267: Cerebellar GABAA receptor contributions to EtOH intoxication and EtOH intake

Kaufman, Katherine (mentor: Deb Finn, 2010 PhD graduate)
F31AA017019: The effects of neuroactive steroids on acute ethanol withdrawal in mice

Kliethermes, Christopher (mentor: John Crabbe, 2006 PhD graduate)
F31AA015015: Behavioral prediction of alcohol and drug reinforcement

Kruse, Lauren (mentor: Kari Buck, 2015 PhD graduate)
F31AA022827: The role of Mpdz in genetic risk to ethanol drinking and related neurocircuitry

Lessov-Schlaggar, Christina (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2000 PhD graduate)
F31AA005520: Ethanol sensitization, reward, and aversion

Loftis, Jennifer (mentor: Aaron Janowsky, 2002 PhD graduate)
F31DA005944: Cocaine effects on NMDA receptor/protein interactions  

Marr, Mollie (mentor: Damien Fair)
F30MH118762: Maternal psychological stress during pregnancy as a key mechanism for the intergenerational transmission of childhood traumatic stress

McClintick, Megan (Mentor: Kathleen A. Grant, 2016 PhD graduate) F31AA023130: Temperament, functional connectivity, and ethanol self-administration in monkeys

Meyer, Paul (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2006 PhD graduate)
F31AA014070: Neurochemical substrates of ethanol's locomotor effects

Milner, Lauren (mentor: Kari Buck, 2010 PhD graduate)
F31AA017031: Mpdz's role in ethanol withdrawal: underlying mechanisms and related phenotypes

Moschak, Travis (mentor: Suzanne Mitchell, 2014 graduate)
F31AA020741:  Determining the neurological and behavioral substrates of ethanol and discounting

Ramaker, Marcia (mentor: Deborah Finn, 2014 graduate)
F31AA020716: Neurosteroids and alcohol self-administration and reinstatement

Reilly, Matthew (mentor: Kari Buck, 2004 PhD graduate)
F31AA013685: Role of MPDZ in the genetics of ethanol withdrawal

Rustay, Nathan (mentor: John Crabbe, 2004 PhD graduate)
F31AA013463: Characterization of rapid tolerance to ethanol

Salat, David (mentor: Jeri Janowsky, 2000 PhD graduate)
F31MH01185: Frontal lobe atrophy in Alzheimer's disease and aging

Schafer, Gwen (mentor: John Crabbe, 1998 PhD graduate)
F31AA005451: Ethanol exposure effects on gene expression

Scibelli, Angela (mentor: Tamara Richards, 2011 PhD graduate)
F31AA018043: m4 & m5 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes in ethanol-induced locomotion

Siegel, Jessica (mentor: Jacob Raber, 2011 PhD graduate)
F31DA026243: Neonatal methamphetamine effects on adult cholinergic and cognitive function.

Smith, Monique L. (mentor: Andrey Ryabinin, 2016 PhD graduate)
F31AA022824: Analysis of Edinger-Westphal nucleus activity following alcohol.

Stafford, James (mentor: Matthew Lattal, 2012 PhD graduate)
F31MH087031: Behavioral and molecular analysis of chromatin modifications in memory retrieval

Weitemier, Adam (mentor: Andrey Ryabinin, 2006 PhD graduate)
F31AA014087: The lateral septum, urocortin, and alcohol