Marcia Ramaker

Ph.D. Graduate (2014)

Marcia-Nov-2014Undergraduate Education

BS Neurobiology (2006) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Training Dates at OHSU



Deb Finn, Ph.D.

Dissertation Project

The effect of a neuroactive steroid analog and an extrasynaptic GABAA receptor agonist on ethanol self-administration in mice

Awards and Grants Received

  • OHSU Graduate Research Scholarship (2011)

  • N.L. Tartar Trust Fellowship (2011)

  • Pre-doctoral individual National Research Service Award (2012-2014)

  • Ashworth Award (2012)

  • Research Society on Alcoholism Memorial Award (2014)

Current Position

Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago in the laboratory of Dr. Stephanie Dulawa


Research Background

My thesis work, performed in the laboratory of Dr. Deborah Finn, focused on the influence of the neurosteroid environment and extrasynaptic GABAA receptor activation on ethanol intake in mice. These studies showed that a neurosteroid analog (ganaxolone) and GABAA receptor agonist with selectivity for extrasynaptic receptors (gaboxadol) altered ethanol reinforcement across various self-administration procedures in mice (continuous-access, limited-access, operant, reinstatement). Although both drugs decreased ethanol intake in all procedures, the neurosteroid was unique in that is increased ethanol seeking and initial intake, prior to decreasing intake. This work was important because it suggested that extrasynaptic GABAA receptor activation alone was not sufficient to induce ethanol seeking. Additionally, these studies provided important information about potential ethanol-seeking effects resulting from a drug (ganaxolone) that is being used in clinical trials for diseases co-morbid with alcohol use disorders. The results of my work showed that infusions into nucleus accumbens shell mimic effects seen after systemic or lateral ventricle manipulation, indicating the nucleus accumbens shell may be an important substrate in GABAA receptor alterations of ethanol reinforcement.

Research Description

The goal of my post-doctoral work is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms and neural circuitry underlying a serotonin2C receptor agonist in its actions as fast-onset antidepressant. Using Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) floxed mice, I am knocking down BDNF in specific brain regions to examine the necessity of BDNF in mediating the fast-onset antidepressant effect. I am also using DREADDs to activate specific ventral tegmental area (VTA) projection neurons to understand which pathways are involved in the fast-onset antidepressant response.


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Alsene KM, Rajbhandari, Ramaker MJ, Bakshi VP (2011) Discrete forebrain neuronal networks supporting noradrenergic regulation of sensorimotor gating. Neuropsychopharmacology 36(5):1003-14 [PMCID: 3077269].

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