Don't Miss Allison Anacker on Science Friday

04/10/14  Portland, Ore.

AnackerExitPhoto-smThe Ryabinin lab's recent publication in PNAS, Drinking alcohol has sex-dependent effects on pair bond formation in prairie voles (Anacker AM, Ahern TH, Hostetler CM, Dufour BD, Smith ML, Cocking DL, Li J, Young LJ, Loftis JM, Ryabinin AE), has received a significant amount of media attention including National Geographic, Time, Smithsonian Magazine, Popular Science, Health Canal,, Science, Delhi Daily News,, and The Daily Mail.

Their next upcoming event is a life interview of our former student Allison Anacker (PhD Graduate, 2012) with Ira Flatow on NPR's Science Friday. She will feature at around noon (PDT) this Friday, April 11, 2014.

UPDATE Friday, April 18, 2014: Link to Dr. Anacker's interview!