2011 N.L. Tartar Fellowship Recipients

05/23/11  Portland, Ore.

Please join us in congratulating Allison Anacker, Amanda Barkley-Levenson, Noah Gubner, John Harkness, Josh Kaplan, Marcia Ramaker, Jon Raybuck, and Krystina Sorwell for their recent N.L. Tartar Fellowship Award.

Allison Anacker - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Analysis of peer influence on alcohol drinking in prairie voles"

Amanda Barkley-Levenson - $2,000
Graduate Student, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Characterization of the binge drinking-like phenotype of a mouse line selectively bred for drinking that results in a high blood alcohol level"

Noah Gubner - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Effects of varenicline on ethanol reward and neuroadaptation"

John Harkness - $2,000
Graduate Student, Behavioral Neuroscience
Travel and participation at "Causal neuroscience: Interacting with neural cells" course

Josh Kaplan - $2,000
Graduate Student, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Characterizing the behavioral and electrophysiological effect of alcohol on GABAergic inhibition of cerebellar granule cells in high- and low-drinking strains of mice"

Marcia Ramaker - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Neurosteroids and extrasynaptic GABAA receptor influence on ethanol reinforcement" 

Jon Raybuck - $2,000
Postdoctoral Trainee, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Investigation of substrates of recent and remote drug memories"

Krystina Sorwell - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
"Quantification of steroidogenic proteins in the rhesus macaque hippocampus"