Faculty and Staff

PA Program Faculty and Staff at Graduation 2018
OHSU PA Program Faculty and Staff at Graduation


Division Head and Program Director J. Glenn Forister, PhD, PA-C
Medical Director Gopal Allada, MD
Associate Director and Academic Coordinator Pat Kenney-Moore, EdD, PA-C
Clinical Coordinator Claire Hull, MHS, PA-C
Core FacultyW. Patrick Bowden, MMS, PA-C
 Core FacultySarah Drummond Hays, EdD
Core FacultyBrianna Hanson, MS, MPAP, PA-C
 Core FacultyLillian Navarro-Reynolds, MS, PA-C
Faculty Shannon Anderson, MPAS, PA-C
FacultyMargot Chase, MPAS, PA-C
Faculty Ella Clark-Nicholson, MPAS, PA-C
FacultyLisa Egan, MS, PA-C
Faculty Emily Jacobsen, MPAS, PA-C
FacultyCurt Stilp, EdD, PA-C
Regional Coordinator Katie Caba, MHS, PA-C
Regional Coordinator Gina Jones, MS, PA-C
Founding Program DirectorTed Ruback, MS, PA-C Emeritus


Division Administrator Dawn McNeill, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions Colleen Schierholtz
Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator Julie Carlson
Education and Technology Coordinator Bob DeBarge, MFA
Clinical Education Coordinator Michelle Eigner
Clinical Projects Coordinator Jami Keene
Administrative Coordinator Jill Fitzpatrick