Graduates by Year

Name Year Advisor Current/Last Known Position Contact
Fiorillo, Christopher 1998 Williams

Assistant Professor, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technolog

Wadiche, Jacques  1998 Kavanaugh Asst. Professor, Neurobiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham Email 
Dzubay, Jeff  1999 Jahr Field Application Scientist at Definiens AG Email
Kuzis, Karl 1999 Eckenstain Regional Medical Director at Paladina Health Email
Seal, Rebecca 1999 Amara Assistant Professor, Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh Email
Carey, Marc  2000 Matsumoto Family Practice Physician, Providence Health System  
Chang, Bill  2000 Soderling Asst. Professor, Pediatrics, OHSU Email
Sheu, John  2000 Eckenstein High School Science Teacher, Sunset High School, Beaverton, Oregon Email
Tovar, Ken  2000 Westbrook Postdoctoral Fellow, Westbrook, Vollum Institute, OHSU Email
Beacham, Dan  2001 McCleskey Senior Staff Scientist, Cellular Imaging and Analysis, Life Technologies/Invitrogen Corporation  Email
Bunker, Gillian  2001 Nishi Patent Attorney, Klarquist Sparkman, LLC Email
Sutherland, Stephani  2001 McCleskey Freelance Science Writer/Researcher Email
York, Randy 2001 Stork Scientist, Educator and Community Betterment Strategist    
Knittel, Laura  2002 Kent Research Associate, Dr. Barbara Taylor's lab, Oregon State University Email
Densmore (Latimer), Valerie 2002 Urbanski PhD Candidate, Agriculture and Environment, University of Sydney Email
Tzingounis, Anastassios  2002 Kavanaugh Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut,  Physiology and Neurobiology Email
Vo, Ngan  2002 Goodman Research Assistant Professor, Vollum Institute, OHSU Email
Kluzik, JoAnn  2003 Horak Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Boston University Sargent College Email
Bruening-Wright, Andrew 2003 Adelman Study Director at ChanTest Corporation, Cleveland, OH Email
Smart, James 2004 Low Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biology and Chemistry, George Fox University Email
Cartier, Etienne  2004 Shyng Fellow, Department of Neuroscience, University of Florida
Waters, Elizabeth  2004 Simerly Research Associate, Rockefeller University; Adjunct Assistant Professor, CUNY Email
Fjeld, Clark  2004 Goodman Clinical Development Scientist, MolecularMD Email
Beadles-Bohling, Amy  2004 Wiren Lecturer, Biology, University of Portland Email
Proskocil-Chen, Rebecca 2004 Spindel Senior Research Associate, Pulmonary, OHSU  
Christie, Jason 2004 Westbrook Research Group Leader, Max Planck Florida Email
Mungenast, Alison  2005 Ojeda Research Manager at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Email
Thomas, Christopher  2005 Westbrook Fellow, NINDS, NIH, Jeff Diamond's Lab Email
Warren, Erin  2005 Robinson Registered Nurse, OHSU Email
Halatchev, Ilia  2005 Cone Clinical Research Fellow, Washington University, St. Louis, Jeff Gordon's lab Email
Hill, Jennifer  2005 Gillespie Postdoctoral Fellow w/ Dr. Doris Wu at NIH (NIDCD) Email
Oh, Michael  2005 Soderling Neurosurgery Resident, UCSF Email
Pinaud, Raphael 2005 Mello Donald W. Reynolds Chair, Associate Professor, Departments of Physiology, Geriatric Medicine, and ROCA Email
Thomas, Ruth 2005 Cone Postdoctoral Fellow. Dept. of Genome Sciences, U. Washington Medical School in the lab of Leo Pallanck Email
Harrison, John  2005 Jahr Science Publishing Industry Email
Glover, Greta  2005 Banker Postdoctoral Fellow/Teaching, Lewis and Clark College, Portland  Email
Hull, Court  2005 vonGersdorff Assistant Professor, Duke University, Department of Neurobiology Email
Das, Sonal 2005 Banker Medical Research Council in Dundee, Scotland  Email
Guire, Eric 2006 Soderling Senior Scientist, ISurTec Inc. Email
Keith, Dove 2006 Janowsky, A. Research Associate, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University Email
Lee, Cindy Wei-Sheng 2006 Adelman Assistant Investigator, Center for Drug Abuse and Addiction China Medical University Hospital  Email
Voss-Andraea, Adriana 2006 Cone Public Health Policy and Advocacy consultant, Email
Scott, Gregory 2006 Thomas Patent Attorney, Klarquist Sparkman, LLC Email
Ngo-Anh, Jennifer 2006 Adelman Project Manager, Mars-500 Project, European Space Agency Email
Scarborough, John 2006 Gillespie Medical Resident, Pathology, University of Washington  Email
Brady, James 2006 Brown    
Sheets, Lavinia 2006 Schnapp Research Fellow, Otology and Laryngology, Harvard Medical School Email
Davila, Viviana 2006 Almers   Email
Jacobs, Jesse 2006 Horak Assistant Professor, University of Vermont Email
Cushman, Kenneth 2007 McCleskey Associate Professor of Biology, Assistant Chair of Dept. of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, West Liberty University Email
Miller, Emilie 2007 Gillespie Biology Faculty at Columbia Gorge Community College Email
Rivard, Andre 2007 Adelman   Email
Scarlett, Jarrad 2007 Marks Medical Resident, OHSU Email
Lukaesko, Lisa 2007 Chen Laboratory of Basic Immunology, Providence Health & Services  
Vemana, Sriharsha 2007 Larsson Postdoc, University of Washington,  Email
Virk, Michael 2007 Williams Residency, Neurosurgery, Cornell University  
Pellegrino, Michael 2008 Stork Regional Medical Manager, Merz Pharmaceuticals · Medical Affairs  Email
Allen, Duane 2008 Adelman Research Assistant Professor, Biology Department, University of MInnesota at Duluth Email
Billes, Sonja 2008 Cowley, Michael Freelance Scientific Writer
Oesch, Nicholas 2008 Taylor Postdoc, NIH, J. Diamond's Lab Email
Velho, Tarcisco 2008 Mello Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Email
Reese, Edmund 2008 Grandy Postdoctoral Fellow, Physiology & Pharmacology, OHSU Email
Ruggiero, Linda 2008 Robinson, David Associate Scientist, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA  Email
Aslan, Joe 2008 Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow, McCarty lab, OHSU  Email
Birdsong, William 2008 McCleskey Research Assistant Professor, Vollum Institute Email
Grayson, Bernadette 2009 Grove, Kevin Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cincinnati Email
Barsukova, Anna 2009 Forte/Bourdette Postdoctoral Fellow, OHSU, Bourdette Email
Andrade Focke, Adrianna 2009 Rossi  Realtor Email
Denmark, Deaunne 2009 Buck Volunteer at OBI Email
Wondolowski, Joyce 2009 Frerking Physical Therapy Student, USC Email
Petersen, Jennifer 2009 Banker Postdoctorant at Univ. de Bordeaux, Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences  Email
Kim, Yuil 2009 Trussell Medical Resident, Korea Email
Herman, Melissa 2010 Jahr Postdoc, Charite Medical School, Berlin, Germany Email
McGinley, Matthew 2010 Westbrook Postdoctoral Fellow, David McCorkmick Lab, Yale University/Kavli Institute Email
Sanchez Thwing, Rachel 2010 Bethea Instructor, Biological Sciences, Portland Community College Email
Quillinan, Nidia 2010 Williams Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Email
Wentzell, Jill 2010 Kretzschmar Postdoctoral Fellow with  Dr. Alicia Hidalgo, University of Birmingham, England Email
Mongeon, Rebecca 2010 Mandel Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Email
Vyleta, Nicholas 2010 Smith, Stephen Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria Email
Buldyrev, Ilia 2010 Taylor PT Student, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA Email
Pratt, Emily 2010 Shyng, Show-ling (MD/PhD) Resident, Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH Email
Davis, Forrest 2010 Adelman    
Saylor, Katherine 2010 (MS) Gillespie Doctoral Student, Science Policy and Bioethics, UC Chapell Hill Email
Focke, Paul 2010 Spring Larsson, Peter Postdoc, Phys/Pharm, Valiyaveetil, OHSU  Email
Martin, Jessica 2011 Balkowiec Biology Faculty at PCC; Freelance science writer  Email
Kuo, Sidney 2011 Trussel postdoc in Fred Rieke's lab at the Univ. of Washington  Email 
Johnsen, Dustin 2011 Murphy Chief Science Officer, Cynvest Email
Grossberg, Aaron 2011 Marks, Daniel Residency - radiation oncology, MD Anderson, Houston, TX Email
Hernandez Kelley, Melissa 2011 Herson Postdoctoral Fellow, Adelman Lab, Vollum Institute,OHSU Email
Grant, Wilmon 2011 Marks Postdoctoral Fellow, OHSU/VA, Lewisohn Lab Email
Lioy-Ryan, Daniel 2011 Mandel Left Science Email
Magill, Stephen 2011 Goodman Resident, Neurological Surgery, University of California, San Francisco, CA Email
Riddle, Artur 2011 Back Resident, Cincinatti Children's Hosptial Email
Su, Kimmy 2011 Forte/Bourdette House Officer, Neurology Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR Email
Preston, Marnie 2011 Sherman Postdoc, UC Denver, Dr. Wendy Macklin  Email
Bruestle Packard, Amy 2011 Stenzel-Poore Postdoc, Dr. Yvonne Ulrich-Lai lab at the University of Cincinnati Email
Lee, Shin (Draper) 2012 Grove Postdoctoral Fellow,  Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Email
Bushman, Jeremy 2012 Shyng Postdoctoral Fellow, USC (2/14) Email
Spinelli, Kateri 2012 Gillespie Postdoc, Unni Lab, Jungers Center Email
Vickers, Evan 2012 vonGersdorff Postdoctoral Fellow, BMI/EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Email
Zhao, Hongyu 2012 Barr Gillespie Postdoctoral Fellow , Harvard Email
Winkler, Clayton 2012 Sherman IRTA Fellow, Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases, NIH/NIAID/Rocky Mountain Laboratories Email
Deignan, Jason 2012 Adelman Postdoctoral Fellow, Maylie Lab, OHSU  Email
True, Cadence 2012 Smith, Susan Staff Scientist, Oregon National Primate Research Center Email
Walogorsky, Michael 2012 Brehm Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Email
Cleary, Daniel (MD/PhD) 2012 Heinricher  Resident, Yale University  
Williams Karnesky, Rebecca L. 2012 Boison    
Jenkins, Brian 2012 Banker Postodc, Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison Email
Perederiy, Julia 2012 Westbrook R&D Scientist, Entia Biosciences: CEO of Cynvest, LLC Email
Einhorn, Zev 2012 Nicolson Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Email
Hubbard, Jeffrey 2012 Brehm Postdoctoral Fellow, CRICM Brain and Spinal Cord Research Institute, Paris, France Email
Matsui, Aya 2012 Williams Postdoctoral Fellow, Alvarez Lab, NIH Email
Baconguis, Isabelle 2012 Gouaux Vollum Research Fellow, Vollum Institute, OHSU Email
Cargill, Robert 2013 Appukuttan/Stout President, Pacific Diabetes Technologies, Portland, OR Email
Harding, Molly 2013 Nechiporuk  AP Biology Teacher, St. Marys Academy, Portland, OR Email
Kusefoglu, Deniz

2013 (MS)

Mao  Software Developer at InfluxData, San Francisco Email
Ramaker, Jenna 2014 Copenhaver OHSU Masters in Public Health Student Email
Gardner, Ryan 2014 Habecker Postdoc, Habecker Lab, OHSU Email
Apostolides, Pierre 2014 Trussell Postdoc, HHMI, Janelia Farm Email
Mullendorff, Karin 2014 Mandel Email
Siler, Dominic 2014 Alkayed 3rd Year Medical Student, OHSU Email
Tillo, Shane 2014 Zhong Principle Investigator at Montana Molecular, LLC Email
Tonsfeldt, Karen 2014 Ingram Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Email
Musashe, Derek 2014 Logan   Email
Chiu, Delia 2014 Jahr Postdoctoral Fellow, Jahr Lab, Vollum Institute Email
Thiebes, Karen 2015 Lee, Soo-Kyung Student at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Science Media Email
Lee, Chia-Hsueh 2015 Gouaux Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University Email
Borges-Merjane, Carolina 2015 Trussell Postdoctoral Fellow, Peter Jonas, Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Vienna, Austria Email
Veleva-Rotse, Biliana 2015 Barnes Postdoctoral Fellow, Emery Lab, Jungers Center, OHSU  Email
Logan, Anne 2015 Robinson, F. Attending PA, Neurology, University of Washington Medical Center Email
Hunnicutt, Jeannie
Klett, Nathan
2015Allen, C.
Postdoctoral Fellow, OHSU
Gantz, Stephanie
2015WilliamsPostdoctoral Fellow, Harvard


Chen, Qi Liang2016Heinricher2nd Year Medical Student, OHSUEmail
Hammack, Nora2016 (MS)Heinricher Email
Harrold, Alexandria2016Lee, Soo-Kyung Email
Lu, Hsin-Wei2016Trussell Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Leuven in Belgium Email
Wang, Marie Xun2016Petryniak Technical Support Specialist, LumencorEmail
Kim, Gukhan
2016Adelman Postdoctoral Fellow, CSHL
Erb, Madalynn2016Lee, Soo-KyungPostdoctoral Fellow, Moore Lab, Van Andel InstituteEmail
Monaghan, Caitlin2016Mandel Postdoctoral Fellow, Ackerman Lab, UCSDEmail
Winfree, Lilly2016Logan Data Scientist, Ontology Development Group, OHSUEmail
Kramer, Paul2016Williams Postdoctoral Fellow NIH NINDSEmail
Purice, Maria2016LoganPostdoctoral Fellow, Taylor Lab, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,Email
Williams, Courtney2016Smith, Stephen Biological Sciences Research Technician, Smith Lab, Portland VAEmail
Knoll, Gabe2017Marks Email
Robinson, Danielle2017Robinson, FredScientific &Partnerships Director, Code for Science & SocietyEmail
Murphy-Baum, Benjamin2017Taylor, Rowland Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Victoria, BCEmail
Vaaga, Christopher2017WestbrookPostdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern UniversityEmail
Nelson, Nathan2017 (MS)Brehm
Student, Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building, Port Haldlock, WA
McConnell, Heather2018Muldoon/NeuweltPostdoctoral Fellow, Mishra Lab, Cardiovascular Medicine Email
Clements, Reena2018Wright Email