The Oregon Medical Physics Program features state of the art imaging equipment in a number of different locations ranging from OHSU's Marquam Hill campus hospital, the Center for Health and Healing along Portland's south waterfront as well as OSU's Radiation Center in Corvallis, OR.

OHSU Diagnostic Radiology

OHSU Radiation Oncology Diagnostic ImagingThe Department of Diagnostic Radiology at OHSU consists of the main campus (Marquam Hill campus hospital and the Center for Health and Healing), and seven satellite facilities. Within these facilities, students have access to the following equipment:

  • 14 general radiographic rooms (all DR)
    • With 12 utilizing wireless DR
  • 6 Radiographic & fluoroscopic rooms
  • 6 Interventional suites
    • Including 2 bi-plan rooms and 5 utilizing flat-panel detectors (FPDs)
  • 4 Cardiac catheterizations angiography suites
  • 24 Portable x-ray units
    • Including 5 with wireless DR detectors
  • 24 Portable fluoroscopic units
    • Including 4 with FPDs
  • 8 Diagnostic CT scanners (16-320 Slice)
    • 5 With iterative reconstruction technology
    • 2 With iterative model based (IMR) technology
    • The fleet includes a Toshiba Aquilion ONE Prime 320 slice CT and a Philips Brilliance iCT 256 slice.
  • 2 Mobile head CT scanners
  • 6 MRIsScanners
    • Two 3.0 Tesla magnets, three 1.5 Tesla magnets, and one open
  • 22 Diagnostic ultrasound units
  • 3 Full-field digital mammography units
    • One digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) unit and one additional stereotactic breast biopsy (SBB) unit
  • 2 PET/CT units
    • One with time-of-flight technology
  • 1 SPECT/CT unit
  • 2 Gamma camera with flat-panel cone-beam CT
  • 2 C-arm interventional radiology units used for animal research at the Dotter Research Institute
  • C-arm fluoroscopy and mobile CT used for animal research at the Oregon National Primate Research Center

OHSU Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology ImagingRadiation Oncology at OHSU consists of the main campus (Sam Jackson Park Road hospital - all new in 2007), and two satellite facilities. Under the OHSU umbrella, students have access to:

  • Linacs:
    • 2 Elekta Versa HD
    • Elekta Infinity
    • Elekta Infinity (satellite campus)
  • Mobetron IORT Linac
  • Intrabeam IORT
  • TomoTherapy
  • Imaging / Localization / TP / RV Systems:
    • CBCT
    • Voalis (SRS) w/ Big Bore CT
      • Novalis Robotic Tabletop (Varian)
        • Exactrac (BrainLab)
    • Calypso Prostate Localization
    • Respiratory Gating
    • VisionRT Laser Scanning Patient Positioning System
    • Eclipse TPS - with Rapidarc license
    • Pinnacle TPS - with Smartarc license
    • Monaco (CMS) - with VMat license
    • iPlan TPS (BrainLab)
    • IMPAC RV (Mosaiq RBV)
  • Treatment types include:
    • IMRT / Conventional / 3DCRT / EBT
    • SRS / SBRT
    • TBI
    • TSE
    • Novalis / Exactrac
    • Eye Plaques
    • LDR Seed Implants (permanent and temporary)
    • HDR
    • TomoTherapy
    • IORT (Mobetron, Intrabeam)

Oregon State University

OSU Radiation CenterThe NE/RHP Department has unique facilities housed within the Oregon State University Radiation Center. The 47,000 square foot Radiation Center (RC) serves the entire Oregon State University campus as well as other Oregon universities and numerous institutions of higher education throughout the nation.

Housed within the RC are the:

  • TRIGA Reactor (a 1.1 MWth nuclear reactor with pulsing capability up to 2500 MWth),*
  • The Advanced Plant Experiment (APEX), which is a three story test facility to assess the safety systems of Westinghouse's next generation of nuclear power plants),*
  • A Gammacell 220 kilocurie-level gamma source for irradiation studies,*
  • A radiochemistry laboratory (TRUELAB - Laboratory of Transuranic Elements),*
  • A radioecology laboratory performing activation and radiotracer studies on ecological models (soil, plants, etc.),*
  • Lecture and teaching laboratories (C104 and C123) which are equipped with traditional teaching equipment (wipe boards, projectors, computer-based projection capabilities, etc.), and are also networked for off-campus viewing and/or archiving lectures and courses for future review (Blackboard system),
  • Computing services - which include campus-wide student networks (including OSU email, general software applications, printing, wireless internet, etc.), as well as Engineering-specific computing resources (including Engr email, computational facilities and computer laboratories located in A124 and B130).
  • Library in the Radiation Center (A124) which houses related journals such as "Medical Physics," "Health Physics," and "Physics Today" among the many other titles present,
  • Valley Library (OSU main campus) is a large, state of the art facility in the heart of the campus, which houses 6 levels of books/journals/references, as well as access to electronic journals, borrowing services from other institutions, and microfilm copies of in-house and world-wide academic publications.