MD Students Disaster Response

About Our Response Policy

Medical student education is the primary focus of the School of Medicine at OHSU. Every attempt will be made to maintain the educational component of our medical school curriculum.

In the event of a disaster, the internet may be down. We suggest you print this page now for your records.

Molly Osborne, MD PhD
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Professor of Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

Disaster Response Information

MS 3 & MS 4 students
In an acute disaster, if students are assigned to a clinical area, they should respond to that area. If they are NOT currently on the ward/in-clinic the students should respond to their physician leader.  Students will follow the directions of clinic or physician leader in that rotation.

MS 1 & MS 2 students
In a disaster that overwhelms the resources of OHSU, those in the lecture-based years may be permitted to volunteer only by declaration from the Dean of the School of Medicine.  They should continue to attend classes until notified that this is an option, and then respond to specific directions before reporting to any clinical setting.

The OHSU School of Medicine Emergency Assemble Area (EAA)
The School of Medicine has designated an area on campus to collect and receive information should communications be fully compromised (no internet or phone access). The school will have a representative at the EAA with the latest information available. Students should check with their physician leader to see if they are required to meet at the EAA. 

The EAA is located at:

•    The atrium in Richard Jones Hall /CROET Building
•    In the event the building is compromised, the EAA is the area outside this building

Sister School in the event of a disaster: The University of Utah School of Medicine
If all communication in the Portland metro area is not functioning (computers, phones, etc), then students should contact: The University of Utah School of Medicine. UUSM will create a web page in an attempt to disseminate important information about OHSU and Portland.

The University of Utah School of Medicine
30 N. 1900 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

University of Utah School of Medicine Web Site

AAMC Response
The National Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) will be notified and they will also activate a response system per our instructions.  They have all the enrollment data for our students so we can access their data to pursue student addresses, etc. This worked very well for Tulane and LSU after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

OHSU disaster updates on the web
In the event of a disaster, please visit these sites for the latest information from OHSU emergency response teams and the School of Medicine.

OHSU Ozone Emergency Information

OHSU Web Site

School of Medicine Web Site