Requirements for Admission

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum Academic Qualifiers

For the 2019 entering class, the minimum qualifiers to receive further consideration in the process are: a cumulative total GPA, as reported by AMCAS, of 2.8 and a cumulative score of 497 on the most recent eligible MCAT.  An eligible MCAT is one that is taken one to three years prior to the year in which an applicant seeks matriculation to medical school.  For the 2019 entering class, eligible MCAT scores are those recorded in 2016, 2017, and 2018.  All decisions are based on an applicant's most recent eligible MCAT.

Minimum qualifiers are subject to change from one admissions cycle to the next.  Applicants must meet the minimum academic and MCAT qualifiers set for that admissions cycle.

Citizenship Status

Applicants must have United States citizenship, DACA status, or permanent resident status with a green card indicating permanent residency in the United States. (Permanent residents are encouraged to have at least one year of full-time course work at a college or university in the United States.) 


Matriculation Requirements

Degree Requirements

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited college or university is required prior to matriculation to medical school.  No particular major is preferred, but a broad educational background is encouraged.

Prerequisite Courses

The following are the minimum acceptable college-level courses that must be successfully completed prior to matriculation to medical school:

(One academic year is equivalent to two semesters or three academic quarters.)

One academic year of general biology to include one genetics course. Laboratories are recommended.

A course in anatomy is strongly recommended.

One course each of general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Laboratories are recommended. (Since undergraduate curricula vary from school to school, in fulfilling this requirement it is implied that the required prerequisite sequences in general and organic chemistry will have been completed in order to take the biochemistry course.)

One academic year of general physics. Laboratories are recommended.


One mathematics course (not including statistics). A course in statistics is strongly recommended.

Humanities, Social Studies and English
Two academic years of humanities and/or social sciences to include one course in English composition (or equivalent writing emphasis).

AP and IB Credit
Credit will be accepted to fulfill the above prerequisites. AP and IB credits must appear on your college or university transcript with the course name and number of credits awarded. If your AP or IB credit is awarded in a block, OHSU requires an addendum from your college or university specifying course titles and the number of credits awarded for each class.

Note: Transcripts and verification of AP or IB credits are only needed once an applicant is offered admission to OHSU.