OAND Legislative Day 2017

Our first year DI and MS/DI students had the wonderful opportunity to attend the OAND Legislative Day in 2017 on March 8th at the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem, OR. On odd-numbered years (like 2017), the Oregon Legislature meets for 160 days, giving Oregonians the time to meet with their legislators and advocate for policies that are important. The Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics specifically sets up a day during this period, called Legislative/RDN Day, and invites all Oregon RDNs and nutrition students to participate. March is the perfect time to host Legislative Day as it is also National Nutrition Month. 

Our first year students were encouraged not only to attend, but to actively engage with their legislators to advocate for health and nutrition in Oregon. Our students hosted a table at Legislative Day to promote nutrition, using a wheel and prizes to interact with attendees. In the pictures below you can see:

  1. Two of our first year MS/DIs, Becky Johnson and Jessica Hummel, and one of our DI students, Stephanie Michael, MS, hosting our table.
  2. A group shot of most of our DIs and first year MS/DIs in the State Capitol Building (not pictured: Taylor Kayfes and Jaclyn Murphy)
  3. And a group shot of our students (Natalie Damen, Kelly Ching, Crystal Tsai, Katie Rogers, Denise Crowley, and Liz Torres) with Jeri Finn, MS, RDN, GPHN Instructor and OAND president-elect, Sarah McCormick, MS, RDN, past-president of OAND, and Troy Duker, Legislative Asst. to Senator Lew Frederick "putting his best fork forward."

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1. Legislative Day 2017 - Johnson, Hummel, Michael at GPHN Table

2. Legislative Day 2017 - all dietetic interns and first year MS/DIs at the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem, OR

3. Legislative Day 2017 - GPHN students, Jeri Finn, Sarah McCormick, and Troy Duker