Gutgsell Presents at ASPEN's Clinical Nutrition Week 2017

Jessica Gutgsell, MS, RD, and graduate of the GPHN, presented her thesis research at ASPEN's Clinical Nutrition Week poster session on February 20, 2017 in Orlando, FL. The study assessed colonization rates of supplemental Lactobacillus UCC118 in healthy adults and looked for associations between colonization and dietary variables. "This was a very timely topic. I felt like every main session at least touched on probiotics. The probiotic-buzz was everywhere," says Jessica. 

Principle investigator Dr. Robert Martindale, Division Chief of General Surgery at OHSU, and Malissa Warren, RD, from the study team, were also in attendance. Of the experience, Jessica says, "I was definitely nervous, but it was really great to field questions from clinical staff from around the country. Some are interested in providing probiotic yogurt to their patients and some have never even considered it." Her abstract was published in the February 2017 JPEN online CNW Abstract Supplement. The poster titled "Delivery in yogurt medium yields better colonization of L.s. salivarius UCC118. Some significant associations with dietary protein" is on display in Gaines Hall.


J. Gutgsell and R. Martindale present at ASPEN 2017