What Our Grads Say

Feedback from our current students and alumni is very important to the GPHN. We know that our programs prepare our graduates well for the next step in their life. Below you can read about experiences from recent graduates of our programs:

"I feel completely prepared for the RD exam after completing the program here at OHSU."

"I love living in Medford. The preceptors are amazing and embraced us like we were part of their family."
Some 2014 graduates

"The learning curve is in your favor. Don't be afraid to ask questions, your preceptors appreciate your critical thinking skills and love to be challenged."

"I was very impressed with the entire faculty involved in the DI program. Dr. Stadler, Jeri, and Julie were all exceptional to have on the team. The environment that was created from week one in orientation was one where I always felt comfortable sharing my opinions, asking questions, etc. I feel fortunate to have completed my DI at OHSU and feel it provided me with irreplaceable clinical experience."
2015-2016 DI and MSDI Class

"I feel that I am very prepared for the clinical portion of the RD exam, and that this program prepared me to move into a clinical staff position. I feel confident that the rotations I have had throughout this year have done a great job of preparing me to work as a clinical RD, and I have been able to draw on my internship experiences extensively in job interviews, which has been great!"

"One of the best things about the internship was that my fellow interns had a wide breadth of experience. The diversity in education, background, and knowledge was especially useful in group activities and our community outreach project. I enjoyed learning and collaborating with my friends and future colleagues. Class discussions enriched my understanding since I could often rely on getting another perspective from my classmates."
Class of 2013

"Many of the faculty at OHSU do an incredible job offering optional opportunities, which are rewarding and offer experiences not otherwise offered during the internship. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities while you are here!"

"It is clear that a great deal of time and effort has been put in the organization and coordination of this internship and I feel the program could not have set us up any better to head out into the field. I was told during my interview for this program that the thing that sets OHSU apart from other internship programs is that the faculty really works to advocate for their interns and I feel that this could not be truer."
Class of 2017