Tribal Engagement

Tribal Health Scholars:

This externship program will introduce AI/AN youth to the culture of healthcare and future career possibilities. The externship will support up to five students per community to work one hour weekly for 16 weeks in their local tribal health clinic. Once per year representatives from OHSU will conduct a community site visit to each of these five tribal sites to present the We Are Healers resource kit to AI/AN youth and encourage the Health Scholars to share their experiences.


Health Pathway Coach:

Increase participation of AI/AN youth in existing enrichment opportunities by focusing our recruitment activities and conducting follow up with these learners using a “health pathway coach.” We will conduct coaching interactions in-person and across media platforms preferred and actively used by AI/AN students.


Director of Tribal Engagement:

The Director of Tribal Engagement will serve as an ambassador, navigating and strengthening important partnerships between OHSU, the NPAIHB, the IHS, and Tribal Nations. The Tribal Engagement team will attend regional meetings with the NPAIHB and PAIHS to build awareness of the work of the COE and to seek input and feedback from tribal leaders on all aspects of the COE. The Director’s work will permeate and enhance nearly all components of the COE’s activities. In particular, expanded relationships with NPAIHB and Tribal Nations will improve access for students and faculty to ongoing research projects.


Director of Tribal Engagement:   


Project Coordinator: