Congratulations, 2012 Tartar Trust Fellowship recipients

Functional analysis of collagen VI mutations and their contribution to atrioventricular septal defect in Down syndrome, In utero heart valve and great vessel development in an ovine model, Regulation of synaptic plasticity in an inhibitory circuit of the mouse auditory system and The efficacy of the ethanol-binding protein LUSH to block ethanol-induced changes in behavior and cell firing were just some of the 2012 projects funded by the N.L. Tartar Trust.

Ninety-two applications were submitted for consideration for this grant cycle. Thirty-six applications, totaling $72,000, were awarded by the N.L. Tartar Trust.

The 35 Fellowships, which are offered annually by the OHSU Foundation, provide $2,000 to support research endeavors and research career development in the School of Medicine.