Progress continues with SoM Research Roadmap initiatives and proposals

June 6, 2013

Initiatives and processes defined by the School of Medicine's Research Roadmap continue to move ahead.

Research leaders met on May 13 for the monthly meeting of the Collaborative Research Leadership Group to get the latest updates.

First up was Dean Mark Richardson, who discussed research allocation in light of the university's leadership reorganization and impacts to the research mission.

He emphasized there are no major changes regarding either resource allocation or the charges of the Roadmap and CRLG. He clarified that the purpose of the university's senior resource allocation group is to create the widest field of vision around all missions throughout the university when considering budgets and resource allocation.

The group is comprised of Provost Jeanette Mladenovic, Dean Richardson (also head of the Faculty Practice Plan), Peter Rapp, OHSU executive vice president and executive director of OHSU Healthcare, and Chief Financial Officer Lawrence Furnstahl.

Next up, task forces reported on proposals and gave project updates. As a refresher, the roadmap has six strategic initiatives, which are led by six task forces.

Task Force 1 is leading efforts around the Research Portfolio Visioning Workshop to build research case statements that will become the basis for summits, philanthropy and other efforts. The first pilot workshop will take place this summer.

For Task Force 2, LJ Fagnan, M.D., director of ORPRN and professor of family medicine, gave an update on enhancing community-based research. Initial planning for a Statewide Advisory Coalition for Community Research has taken place. The coalition will take a few years to develop. Development of a board to seek out community input when needed has been proposed and a funding source established.

Task Force 5 discussed its proposal for a research ombudsperson position to address faculty concerns and morale issues that are uncomfortable to field at the department level. The idea is to pilot such a position if there are measurable outcomes.

The final CRLG meeting for this academic year took place June 10, but work will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.