The art of OHSU science

January 7, 2014

Recently, we acquired some amazing scientific imagery — amazing both for their beauty and their research value — and, with their authors’ permission, we are sharing them with the broader community.


julia-p-cover-webDRAMATIC This composite image by Julia Perederiy, Ph.D. ’12, shows how neural injury impacts maturation and functional integration of newly generated granule neurons in the adult hippocampus. It appeared on the cover of The Journal of Neuroscience in March 2013. Dr. Perederiy was a graduate student in the lab of Gary Westbrook, M.D., Dixon Professor of Neurology, co-director of the OHSU Vollum Institute and director of the OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program.






















KNOCKOUT This image by Biliana Veleva-Rotse is of an embryonic day 18 STRAD-alpha knockout brain coronal section. It’s been immunolabeled for cortical efferent projections (green), thalamocortical projections (red) and nuclei (blue). This shows that axons are intact after deletion of this pseudokinase. Veleva is a graduate student in the lab of Anthony Paul Barnes, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics.












TRACES This is an image by Tianyi Mao, Ph.D., assistant scientist in the Vollum Institute. “To trace the axonal targets of thalamic sub-regions that carry specific sensori-motor information, two virus expressing green and red fluorescence proteins were injected into the thalamus,” she said. “High throughput and high resolution (single axon resolution) images were obtained for tracking those axons.” Staff involved in this project include Jeannie Hunnicutt, Brian Long and Deniz Kusefoglu.