A note about the Dean's newsletter

going mobile!

The Dean's newsletter is changing with the times. First issued in 2006 under then-Dean Joe Robertson's direction, the monthly newsletter look has been updated once to expand coverage to include more news about faculty honors, appointments and more. But two recent trends have compelled us to consider a new direction. 

One: data show that people are increasingly reading news and email on smart phones and tablets. We're redesigning our news template to be responsive to whatever device is being used, with a new name – Medicine Matters – and a sleek easy-to-read look. Get a sneak peek below.

Two: The newsletter was initially the sole outlet for sharing information to School of Medicine faculty; but over time, by request, the distribution was gradually broadened to include students, alumni and community friends (up to 10,000 people and growing all the time!). Two years ago, the Dean's office amped up its internal news to meet specific needs of School of Medicine faculty. The redesign provides an opportunity to achieve two related goals: cut back on story duplication and email overload. The new mobile-friendly Medicine Matters news will continue to be sent to students, alumni and community friends. Faculty members – who are not alumni – will be able to subscribe but can continue to rely on the internal channels for regular news updates.

Yes, the times, they are-a-changing. But one thing won't change: we'll continue to share all the great accomplishments of our faculty, students, staff and alumni in all our news sources! That's a primary editorial goal.

What's the takeaway? The countdown begins. The final issue of the Dean's newsletter in its current design will be our annual Special Commencement Edition in early June, and then it's into the next era with Medicine Matters. You'll see our new look then; here's a preview:

Current newsletter                                                 Future newsletter