Dr. Hersh gives presentations in Singapore and China

Dr. HershWilliam Hersh, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology, recently visited Singapore and China to teach and give presentations on biomedical informatics. Dr. Hersh visited Singapore from Sept. 10-13, where he taught a half-day tutorial as part of his on-line course known as 10x10 (“ten by ten”) and also gave a seminar at the School of Computing of the National University of Singapore.

Dr. Hersh also visited Beijing, China from Sept. 14-21, where he gave two presentations at the 90th anniversary celebration of Peking Union Medical College and Hospital, China’s leading academic medical center. His first presentation was to the IT department and covered the US program for “meaningful use” of electronic health records. His second presentation was part of the celebration’s Academic Forum and focused on the role of informatics in translational research.