OHSU students provide free health care screenings to 275 people

Nancy Nguyen, MS2

"You could not help but recognize the positive energy and compassionate concerns of volunteers trying to do all they can to help."

When student and faculty volunteers arrived at the O'Bryant Square parking garage at 7:30 a.m. to set up tables for this year's Health Care Equality Week (formerly known as Covered the Uninsured Week), they found a long line of people already waiting in the rain to get care. By the time the health screening fair started at 9 a.m., the line stretched around the block. Most of those standing in the rain had no insurance; many hadn't seen a physician or dentist in years.

Over the next four hours, 275 underserved Oregonians—and 27 dogs and cats—received free screenings from more than 120 OHSU medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy students and faculty members.

"Many of us who volunteered were amazed by the number of people who came for care," said Andy Dworkin, MS2. "It's great we were able to help so many people. But it's sad that so many still lack access to regular, decent health care that they'll wait hours in the rain for a shot at getting basic health care in a parking garage."

"You could sense how grateful the clients and patients were for the services provided," said Nancy Nguyen, MS2. "And you could not help but recognize the positive energy and compassionate concerns of volunteers trying to do all they can to help."

Basic hygiene supplies and an array of health care services were available, including blood pressure and temperature checks, vaccinations, and hearing, vision and oral health screenings. People with significant vision or oral health problems were referred to two dental vans and a Casey Eye Institute mobile clinic parked along O'Bryant Square.

hcew-web-1Eighty-four people received consultations with the faculty physicians who were also volunteering at the clinic. Patients with more complex medical conditions received referrals to outside physicians who agreed in advance to donate their time and services.

The health fair was planned primarily by students. "The effort was one of the most profound interprofessional interactions many students have had at OHSU," said Dworkin. "Organizers spent months planning details, raising money, soliciting volunteers and gathering permits."

"The event was a huge success both for the students and the patients," said Nathan Defrees, MS2. "As for the students, we were able to collaborate with different disciplines in a unique and meaningful way while learning about the great need for health care evident in our community."

Participating on the event's leadership team was a memorable experience for Nguyen. "It was great working with students from the various OHSU health professional schools who shared the same passion in serving the underserved and making the health screening fair come alive," she said.

Students from Oregon State University, Portland State University and the Aveda Institute also helped plan the fair, delivering veterinary care, social service referrals and free haircuts.

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Additional Information


Many thanks to the faculty physicians and students who volunteered at the clinic:



Shawn Blanchard, MD
Todd Engstrom, MD
Scott Fields, MD
Paul Gorman, MD, MPH
Scott Sally, MD
Brett White, MD
Daisuke Yamashita, MD


Stephanie Cramer, MD
Jacqueline Ng, MD
Matthew Raecker, MD


Elyssa Ackerman
Stefan Alexander
Caroline Anderson
Kaeley Anderson
Maki Aoki
Bianca Argueza
Brittany Arnold
Paige Atkinson
Dani Babbel
Anita Baghaee
Carrie Bailey
Marica Baleilevuka
Cody Ballard
Kristin Belford
Clark Brinton
Celine Chan
Natalie Combs
Jessica Cruz
Michael Daher
Shanley Deal
Michelle DeChant
Nathan Defrees
Amy Dorius
Trudy Doyle
Andy Dworkin
Merete Egloff
Tymberly Ellis-Field
Brooke Erspamer
Shu Feng
Erin Fennern
Trevor Frideres
Weston Fuhrman
Xiang Gao
Jason Garner
Brian Garvey
Rahwa Ghebremichael
Zoe Gombart
Grace Goodman
Margaret Gorman
Alissa Greenbaum
Emily Griffin
Julia Hack-Davie
Jesse  Hansen
Allison Harris
Oliver Hayes
Amanda Heckman
Marla Hill
Rachel Jablonski
Emily James
Amy Kang
Divneet Kaur
Kendra Killian-Davis
Adam King
Chris Klein
Kelsey Koenig
Kassi Kronfeld
Kimberley La Morticella
Steven Larsen
Ben Larson
Tori Lennox
Linda Lin
Patrick Lohse
Monica Luttrell
Leanna Mah
Becki McCall
Henry McNett
Rosey McQueen
Nancy Nguyen
Anna Olson
Kaebah Orme
Lindsey Pearson
Maria Peila
Noon Pokaratsiri
Emily Pratt
Ann Radeloff
Ann Radeloff
Nathan Riseley
Melissa Rhyasen
Lauren Russell
Becca Sauerwein
Bristol Schmitz
Kelly Schoenbeck
Sarguni Singh
Anne Smeraglio
Ellen Smith
Phoebe Smitasin
Adrianne Stach
Emma Staniels
Tessa Steel
Dallas Swanson
Ricky Tavangari
Elizabeth Toepel
Duke Truong
Joe Volpi
Libo Wang
Melissa Welker
Natalie Wilson
Rachel Wood
Ashley Woods
Josha Woodward
Teresa Worstell
Teresa Wright
Natalie Wu
Jesse Yarnold
Lily Zhong


Pharmacist Preceptors

Megan Herink
Ravina Kullar
Myrna Munar
Deborah Verasconi


College of Pharmacy

Celeste Duarte
Molly Juhlin
Sarah Kelly
Tyler Larson
Rowena Vilches Tran
Chelsea Smith
Emily Yen 

Other Volunteers

Katie Coughlin
Francisco Merino
Thomas Stout
Janice Van Norman


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