Understanding OHSU’s balance sheet

Lawrence FurnstahlSeptember 18, 2013

Faculty, students and staff invited to drop-in meetings with Chief Financial Officer Lawrence Furnstahl

Did you know OHSU has a $2.2 billion annual budget? What makes up the budget, its revenues and expenses? What external factors shape that budget and how is OHSU adjusting for those?

Even if balance sheets and cash flows aren’t your areas of expertise, it’s smart to be somewhat familiar with OHSU’s finances and how the School of Medicine and your unit fit into the university’s financial picture.

OHSU’s Chief Financial Officer Lawrence Furnstahl is thoroughly familiar – and responsible for – OHSU’s annual budget. You’re invited to join Lawrence at any one of four drop-in meetings where he’ll share comprehensive information about OHSU’s historic and current financial performance as well as forecasts for coming years.

He’ll also answer your questions and provide information on upcoming investments, costs, revenues and financial modeling. Hour-long drop-in sessions are open to all faculty, students and staff. No RSVP is needed. Mark your calendar for an upcoming session:

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