Meet Xiao-Yue Han

Name: Xiao-Yue Han

Year:   MS1Xiao-Yue Han

Hometown: Beaverton, Ore. 

Interests: Medical devices and imaging, process engineering, downhill and backcountry skiing, biking, kayaking, travel, photography


As a child of Chinese immigrants, first-year medical student, Xiao-Yue Han, doesn’t take his talents and opportunities for granted. He believes that hard work and honest reflection can make any dream possible. Xiao-Yue graduated from Oregon State University’s bioengineering program summa cum laude and worked as a chemical engineer for two years before coming to OHSU. Xiao-Yue serves his classmates as class president and on the Board of Trustees for the Oregon Medical Association as an alternate student-trustee. Xiao-Yue also volunteers with his classmates at the Southwest Community Health Center, which aims to provide low-income families with primary care services.

Xiao-Yue has published original research in a number of disciplines and hopes to continue to make research a key part of his education and future practice. His background in industrial pharmaceuticals and biotechnology gives him a unique hypothesis-driven foundation for approaching challenging problems in medicine. He looks forward to developing a capstone research project which synthesizes his interests in medicine, engineering and public health.

Xiao-Yue is grateful to be studying medicine at OHSU: “Attending OHSU is particularly meaningful to me as it gives me the opportunity to give back to the community that took in and helped an immigrant family that had dreams of a better life. The Swindells Family Scholarship enables me to focus on impactful education, research and service. I look forward to learning and working with my OHSU classmates across all schools in finding creative ways to help build a healthier Oregon for all Oregonians.”