Meet Sam Klonoski

Name: Sam Klonoski

Year:   MS3Sam Klonoski

Hometown: Eugene, Ore. 

Interests: Developmental pediatrics, health policy


Inspired by his parents, third-year medical student, Sam Klonoski, holds himself to a high standard, always thinking about what more he can do to improve the lives of those around him. As a high school student and biochemistry major at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Ore., he frequently volunteered for organizations such as the Relief Nursery and spent time tutoring in chemistry and physics. Since coming to OHSU, Sam has hit the ground running as Class of 2016 Class President, organizer of the Reach Out and Read program, President of the Health Policy Interest Group and volunteer at Hills for Humanity, a run/hike benefiting the SW Community Health Center and the Health Care Equality Week Free Health Screening Fair.

As he looks forward to his future in medicine, in which he hopes to focus on developmental pediatrics and health policy, Sam seeks to learn from his failures in a way that allows him to continue to grow to continue improving his service. “The opportunity to effect change does not end because of a calendar cycle or a term in an official position; the opportunity comes from recognizing a problem, marshal resources and community energy and implementing a solution. As long as the problem exists, the chance to improve things remains.”