Meet Ross Passo

Name: Ross Passo

Year:   MS1Ross Passo

Hometown: McMinneville, Ore. 

Interests: Evidence-based medicine, clinical research, travel, cooking, tennis


Ross Passo is a first-year medical student who traveled on what he calls the “reverse Lewis and Clark:” moving from his native McMinnville, Ore., to Missouri to study at Washington University in St. Louis. A philosophy-neuroscience-psychology major, he eventually found his passion working as a geriatric technician running cognitive screening tests in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Emergency Department. Working in a busy urban hospital opened Ross’ eyes to geriatric patients’ unique needs and the burden the aging baby-boom generation places on our health care system. Following this experience, he desires to improve patient outcomes using clinical research and an evidence-based framework.

After college, Ross deepened his research interests at the Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (a National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense collaboration) in Bethesda, Md. While there, he worked with veterans and patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries.

Ross is elated to be back in Northwest as a medical student, and looks forward to bringing his experiences and curiosity to bear in his studies. He said, “I remain deeply inspired by one of the greatest challenges my generation will face: caring for the elderly.”