Meet Luke Yeager

Name: Luke Yeager

Year:   MS1Luke Yeager

Hometown: Portland, Ore. 

Interests: Community service, nutrition, exercise science


Luke Yeager is a first-year medical student and a 2009 graduate from the United States Air Force Academy, where he pursued studies in Operations Research and led his teammates as an intercollegiate football team captain. During his time as a commissioned officer in the Air Force, Luke was as an assistant football coach at the Air Force Academy. He later served as a data analyst at Eglin Air Force Base and won numerous awards including 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron Top Squadron Analyst in 2013.  But most meaningful of all, for Luke, was his service at Mbingo Hospital in Cameroon. He said, “Volunteering in Africa confirmed my passion for medical leadership…”

Crediting the Air Force’s “service before self” philosophy for nurturing his leadership abilities, Luke aspires to become an Oregon physician that exemplifies humility.  He is passionate about aiding Oregon’s underserved populations along with educating youth in nutrition and exercise science.