Dr. Sun honored by Emergency Medicine Foundation

Dr. SunThe Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) recently honored Benjamin Sun, MD, MP, FACEP, Associate Professor (provisional), Department of Emergency Medicine, as a trailblazing researcher in emergency medicine.

As part of its 40th anniversary, the foundation spotlighted Dr. Sun as one of 12 researchers who credit an EMF grant with jump-starting their successful careers in emergency medicine research.

“There are three things that are essential to becoming a medical researcher,” said Dr. Sun. “First, the formal research training. Second, strong mentoring relationships. And third, financial and institutional support for the work you’re doing. Thanks to EMF, which supported me very early in my career, and to the funders who continued to support researchers, I’ve been able to study the policy aspects of disease states like syncope, and the health impacts of policies and procedures in the emergency department.”

Dr. Sun is a new member of the Department of Emergency Medicine, arriving in October 2011 from the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and UCLA. His main research interests are developing management algorithms for loss of consciousness (syncope), and identifying solutions to emergency department crowding.
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