Dr. Stephen David explores relationship between mentorship and evolution of ideas

December 9, 2014

Stephen David, Ph.D., assistant professor of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, OHSU School of Medicine, has joined colleagues at prominent U.S. universities as part of the University of Chicago’s Knowledge Lab Metaknowledge Research Network.

In addition to receiving support for his project, Neurotree – an open-access website that has tracked mentor relationships for over 40,000 neuroscientists over the last eight years – Dr. David will receive grant funding to help develop tools to curate Neurotree’s family-tree-like database and link it to publication databases. By exploring “how mentorship influences the emergence and evolution of ideas,” Dr. David said he hopes to investigate ways that this knowledge might help trainees choose mentors.

Supported by the John Templeton Foundation, the Knowledge Lab granted $1.38 million to 15 projects like Dr. David’s which contribute to the emerging field of metaknowledge, which seeks to analyze the way ideas are formed and circulated. Knowledge Lab is part of the Computation Institute (CI), which was established in 2000 as a joint initiative between The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to advance science through innovative computational approaches.


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