Dr. Picker, VGTI make NIH list of "Promising Medical Advances"

Picker-LouisA research team, led by Louis Picker, M.D., professor of pathology and associate director, OHSU Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, has produced a vaccine candidate that appears to have the ability to completely clear an AIDS-causing virus from the body. Dr. Picker is also director of the VGTI's vaccine program

This research made the 2013 NIH list of Promising Medical Advances, described as "findings with potential for enhancing human health."



Here is how the NIH characterized Dr. Picker's 2013 discovery:

Vaccine Clears Away Monkey AIDS Virus

HIV, which causes AIDS in people, and the similar monkey virus SIV are thought to cause permanent infections in the body. Current therapies can control but not eliminate the virus. In an NIH-funded study, an experimental vaccine triggered a lasting immune attack in monkeys that eliminated all traces of SIV infection after a year or more. The finding points to a new strategy in the search for an effective AIDS vaccine.