Dr. Noel is recipient of 2011 APDIM Distinguished Medical Educator Award

Dr. NoelGordon Noel, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine, was the recipient of the 2011 Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) Distinguished Medical Educator Award. The award was presented to him at the APDIM Fall meeting in Anaheim, Calif.
The APDIM Distinguished Medical Educator Award recognizes an individual or a team for outstanding contributions to the field of graduate medical education.
The Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) said, “Throughout his career, Dr. Noel has been devoted to medical education. His colleagues acclaim him for his breadth of scholarship and continued efforts to rigorously promote a critical approach to medical best practices.”
“Dr. Noel so richly deserves this award,” said Tom Cooney, MD, Professor and Vice-Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine. “His influence and impact on graduate and undergraduate medical education over the span of his distinguished career have been important and enduring. Perhaps most importantly, he has fostered, promoted and supported the careers of many other faculty around the country who have themselves become influential contributors in medical education.”
Dr. Cooney introduced Dr. Noel to the audience in Anaheim.
“Dr. Noel has made outstanding contributions to medical education which will have a lasting impact on the field,” said Sima Desai, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine. “This award signifies the acknowledgment and gratitude of Dr. Noel’s legacy as a medical educator, mentor and colleague. I feel very grateful to have had his years of wisdom in my own career. There are legions of people like me who could easily make the same statement and more.”
APDIM is part of the AAIM consortium of five academically focused specialty organizations representing departments of internal medicine at medical schools and teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada.