Dr. Steiner Hayward receives award for telemedicine legislation work


December 4, 2013

The award for "Excellence in Telecommunications Policy and Legislation" was presented to Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, M.D., an associate  professor of family medicine, at the 2013 Oregon Connections Telecommunications Conference.

The award recognizes:

  • An individual or organization that has participated in writing and advocating for legislation that will have a significant impact on telecommunications in Oregon.
  • Legislator or elected representative that has effectively introduced or advocated for innovation in legislation or policy that has positively impacted access, reliability, and/or affordability of telecommunications services, or promotes and accelerates adoption and utilization of telecommunications services in Oregon.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 569 which requires the Oregon Health Authority to adopt uniform credentialing and privileging standards for providers of telemedicine services, and authorizes hospitals to accept credentials of telemedicine providers. Senator Steiner-Hayward was a key legislator (with Representative Chris Harker) responsible for the passage of this bill. SB 569, along with its companion bill SB 604, will help streamline and make more manageable the processes for credentialing physicians. This will reduce a major barrier and promote the use of telemedicine as a strategy for health care delivery in Oregon. Senator Steiner Hayward is one of the many contributors that have made Oregon a national leader in the use of telemedicine for health care delivery.

Pictured: (from left) Drs. Miles Ellenby and Elizabeth Steiner Hayward