Dr. Grant selected for 2013 Henri Begleiter Award for Research Excellence

April 17, 2013

Dr. GrantIn March, Kathleen Grant, Ph.D., professor of behavioral neuroscience and senior scientist and division head of neurosciences at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, was selected to receive the 2013 Henri Begleiter Award for Excellence in Research. The award, given by the Research Society on Alcoholism, recognizes an individual demonstrating innovation or creativity and excellence in their research whose work has had a major impact on the field. The RSA selected Dr. Grant for "identifying multiple determinants and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption."

Dr. Grant's work focuses on developing an animal model of chronic heavy alcohol drinking that resembles the human alcoholic drinking phenotype. "This model can be used to explore both risk factors for heavy drinking, such as gender, the age of first intoxication and genetics as well as the consequences of that heavy drinking, such as liver disease, cardiovascular disease, immune system dysfunction, cognitive decline and loss of brain volume," said Dr. Grant. "The model could also be used to develop biomarkers for heavy drinking as well as testing out potential drug therapies to curtail heavy drinking."

Her studies are "at the forefront of translational work, spanning animal models from rats to nonhuman primates to more recently humans," said the RSA awards committee. "[Dr. Grant's] animal model studies have led to a more mechanistic understanding of the dynamic process of neuroadaptation that occurs during chronic alcohol exposure."

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