Dr. Jimison provides expert commentary for AHRQ

April 25, 2013

Holly Jimison, Ph.D., associate professor of medical informatics and clinical epidemiology, wrote expert commentary for a recent edition of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Innovations Exchange.

The innovation Dr. Jimison discussed is a computer application developed by University of California researchers for patients with Crohn's disease to report symptoms and behaviors related to their condition. Her commentary mentioned the relevance of tools such as this given the context of health care reform and its focus on "addressing escalating costs associated with chronic conditions and conditions of the elderly."

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Jimison's commentary:

The intervention also represents a new trend in caring for chronic conditions. These health technology systems will provide the means for continuous improvement through repeated refinement or adjustment of the management of the patient according to their current condition. It is important to note, however, that perhaps the most challenging issue will be a required workflow shift on the part of clinicians-–moving away from relying on traditional physician office visits toward distributed team-based care that includes remote care managers, informal caregivers, and most importantly, the active and engaged patient themselves.

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