Dr. Dilts selected for NIH Merit Award

David DiltsDavid Dilts, PhD, MBA, Professor, Division of Management, and Director of clinical research for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, will receive a 2011 NIH Merit Award. According to the NIH, the award recognizes individuals or groups whose achievements warrant special recognition.

Dr. Dilts is part of a group which developed AccrualNet, a web based resource to support and address the challenges of low accrual to NIH clinical trials. Dr. Dilts and his fellow team members will receive the award Nov. 3 during a ceremony in Bethesda, Maryland.

Knight News recently spoke with Dr. Dilts about his award:

Congratulations on your award! Tell us more about AccrualNet.

It is the first total-systems-approach to viewing all the key decision points and problems in accrual from trial design to capturing lessons learned at study closure. It was a team effort that required lots of folks with my contribution being what I’m good at: providing expertise in looking at the total problem and not just pieces of it.

Does this recognition from the NIH/NCI help AccrualNet in unique ways?
This recognition helps to publicize this community of practice web site so that more trialists and their support staff know all of the steps and decisions involved in clinical research. And, more than that, it links directly to published sources for best practice tools and techniques.

Anything else you’d like to add?
One thing to add is that our research center, the Center for Management Research in Healthcare, co-directed by Alan Sandler, MD, has been studying ways of overcoming known, long-standing, systemic barriers to the successful design, execution, and completion of oncology research so that the best trials and the best knowledge are available to cancer patients. We are working at this at the national level with multiple NCI branches & centers, and at the local level for the Knight. While we are not where we need to be yet, we are working mightily at getting there.