Dr. Hersh to Chair AMIA Annual Symposium 2012

Dr. HershWilliam Hersh, MD, FACP, FACMI, Professor and chair, Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology, has been selected by AMIA’s leadership to serve as the  Scientific Program Committee Chair for AMIA 2012.

Dr. Hersh is the instructor of 10x10 at OHSU, one of AMIA’s online informatics distance learning programs.

“Next year's AMIA Annual Symposium will be even more special for me,” said Dr. Hersh. “This is a great honor but also one that carries significant responsibility. Not only must the program reflect the highest quality scientific presentations, but must also include other events that capture the larger perspective of the field and the role it is playing in improving individual health, healthcare, public health, and biomedical research.”

The meeting next year will be made more special by its location in Chicago. While not the first time it has been in the Windy City, it will be special to have the conference Dr. Hersh is chairing take place in his home town.

“Even though I know longer live in Chicago, it is where I grew up and did all of my education and medical training,” said Dr. Hersh. “I am hopeful that some of my family will also be able to attend some of the meeting. I hope everyone else reading this will also consider sharing in the fun as well.

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